Best Places to visit in UAE

The UAE has risen to the top on the global map of tourism. It’s a nation that has struck a chord with travelersowing to its awe-inspiring engineering marvels, high-end hotels and malls, museums, worship places, sky-touching towers, man-made island, attractive nature reserves, and splendid coastline. It has re-defined luxury, comfort, and opulence in true sense. There is hardly any country in the world that has gained immense popularity as a luxurious holiday destination than the UAE. Whether you want to visit it for a honeymoon, family vacation, or just a getaway with friends, don’t’ miss these best places to visit in UAE.

#1 Dubai

From business to leisure, entertainment and adventure, Dubai is ideally one of the best places to visit in the UAE. It won’t be any exaggeration to call it the crown of the UAE. It’s a city that spells opulence in every sense and is a hot destination for any purpose be it commercial, tourism, and residential. It’s a home to the iconic tower- Burj Khalifa. It is where you can fulfill your wildest of fantasies about an amazing holiday. In Dubai, you can fly in the air, dive deep into the ocean, enjoy any watersports, explore offbeat destination, rent a yacht, shop at the high-end mall, enjoy the  world’s cuisines, visit world’s best amusement park- Motiongate, explore wildlife, and lots more.

#2 Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE. It’san exciting city that shouldn’t be missed. Despite being deeply rooted to its Islamic culture, the city open-heartedly embraces the foreign culture. This is evident by the 21st century buildings and complexes, and cultural sites. You can find some of the best and the largest mosques in the world in this capital city. The magnificent Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosqueis a must-visit religious site. The city also has the world’s fastest roller coaster,Ithas attractive palaces, futuristic museum, sports facilities, animal centers, opulent spas, and much more for fun, adventure, and leisure.

One of the never-to-miss attraction in Abu Dhabi is the Warner Bros World. This world’s first ever indoor theme park is where you can experience rides and attractions based on your favorite characters. Fun, action, and adventure are very meticulously blended at every single attraction of this park. The park offers 29 exciting rides, live entertainment, and myriads of attractions to engage with the entire family. You can explore rides and attractions, live shows, dining, shopping, and meet your favorite characters such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

#3 Sharjah

If you want to explore the culture, tradition, and heritage of the UAE then visit Sharjah. The UNESCO has given it’s the title of the ‘Cultural Capital of the Arab  World.’ It has articulately shielded itself from the glitz and glamour of Dubai. Nevertheless, it’s a city that pulls a large number of crowds. It has beautiful mosques, museums that throws light on the past and present of the UAE, educate visitors about the ecosystem, and caring for flora and fauna. Besides entertainment, Sharjah is also a city to be visited for shopping. You can buy stone jewelry, Pashmina shawls, rugs,  traditional smoking pipes, gold, and lots more.

#4 Ras Al Khaimah

This emirate of the UAE is hands-down the most beautiful among others. It’s a unique city that is dotted with beautiful coastline stretching up to 27 miles decorated  with blue lagoons, and serene beaches. You won’t miss anything here for a perfect holiday. From engaging in adventurous activities to exploring the wildlife and taking a ride engulfed with the nature from all the sides, Ras Al Khaimah is a picture-perfect destination. It is where the tallest peak of the UAE is situated from where you can enjoy spectacular site on the world’s longest zipline. The Al Dhayah Fort and the Wadi Shawka are the two best sites you have to visit when holidaying in this city that exhibits a fine blend of modernism and tradition.

#5 Al Ain

If skyscrapers and the hustle-bustle of the city are not your style of holiday, then visit Al Ain. This emirate is in stark contrast with other emirates of the UAE. It is the greenest place in the entire UAE. Here, you won’t find tall buildings or the glamour of other cities, but its’ tiny houses, tall mountains, and a large green space will make your holiday worth. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site with magnificent forts, museums, massive land with plantation of date palm trees, and soul-soothing oasis. You can experience a breathtaking view of its surrounding by reaching to the peak of a rocky mountain called Jebel Hafeet.

#6 Fujairah

If you want to get away from the fast-paced life of a city, then visit Fuairah. This is a small, beautiful beach town with  a lot to offer in terms of fun and adventure. It is adorned with picturesque mountains and tranquil beaches. Fujairah is a peaceful city dotted with untouched natural beauty. The city is known for its simple lifestyle and the impressive Hajjar Mountains that divides it from the rest of the UAE. If you love a landscape replete with mountain ranges and sandy coastline, Fujairah is the destination for you. The best thing about visiting it is that you can all types of watersports here round the year. There is a facility to go for deep-sea fishing and swimming if you book the city tour with a reputed local tour operator.

#7 Ajman

This emirate is the smallest among all the other seven emirates. But when it comes to scenic beauty and gorgeous beaches Ajman is no less than any cities of the UAE. It offers a lot to explore for tourists due to its attractive beaches, beautiful museums, ancient fort, and shopping complexes. In short, there is no dearth of sightseeing in this city. If sunny vacation and historical experience are what you prefer, then Ajman must be in your bucket list.

#8 Hatta

Hatta is an enclave located at the top of the Hajar Mountains. It is surrounded by Ajman, Ras-Al-Khaimah, and Oman. This city is best to visit for enjoying extreme watersports. The land is also perfect for camping in the wilderness, hiking, biking rock climbing, and for other adventure. Visiting this city will introduce you to the rural lifestyle, culture, and heritage. Hatta will also give you a chance to explore traditional furniture, weapons, and antique crockery.

The UAE is a perfect tourist destination since it offers everything from beaches to mountains, nature reserves, indoor and outdoor theme parks, post hotels, chic malls and more for fun, adventure, comfort, etc. If visiting, ensure you visit at least one of these best places in the UAE.


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