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Ashley Abroad

From backpacking through Europe, India, and Asia for a whole year to occasionally burying herself in books, Ashley’s interests are diverse. However, her love for traveling has equipped her with essential experience and expansive knowledge in the nuances of being a solo female traveler.

She has written extensively about what it is like to live in Africa, among other places, and is one of the few bloggers out there with the chops to teach others how to balance a full-time job with a life on the open road. Her mostly practical travel blog consists of articles on things like the best shoes to wear when traveling to tips on becoming an au pair in different countries as a way of making some extra cash. She had however dedicated most of her blog to making the life of the solo traveler much easier by providing insightful tips such as in her article; 12 Travel Accessories That Drastically Improve Long-Term Travel.


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Written by Richard Ascough

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