5 Best Airport Parking Websites (Updated 2023)

Park your car at the Airport cheaply with these great Airport Parking Websites

Taxis to the airport can be quite expensive which means driving your own vehicle can save you money, the biggest issue is parking. Parking at the Airport can be very expensive and sometimes works out more expensive than the actual flight. You can save lots of money by parking at a offsite bay just outside of the airport rather than onsite. You need to also consider long term verse short term options.

Types of Airport Parking

Long Term: Long Term Airport parking allows you to leave your car for a longer time period usually multiple days or weeks. This is usually a cheaper option than short term parking, however your car will be usually further away from the airport and you may require a bus.

Short Term Parking: Short term parking is used for day trips or even if you are returning in a few hours. The rate of short term parking is usually more expensive than long term, however the parking spots are closer to the airport and provide more convenience.

Onsite Parking: Onsite airport parking means you are parking your vehicle on the airport premises, these are more convenient however can be much more expensive.

Offsite Parking: Offsite parking is a parking lot that is outside the airport boundary, these are privately run and more affordable options especially for longer term stays. Offsite parking provides shuttle buses to get you to the airport terminal. You may need to factor in more time.

You should consider all of these options when booking your airport parking.  The following websites help you find the best parking options for Airports around the world.

#1 Airport Parking: Search and Compare Airport Parking

Airport Parking offers off-airport parking at over 90 airports in the United States and Canada from a wide range of providers. The service allows you to drop off your car in on of the secure parking lot near the airport of your destination and pick up the free shuttle taking you directly to your terminal. On your return you can use the shuttle to return to your vehicle.

On the clean and easy to use front screen you just enter the airport of your choice, departure and arrival dates and select search. You are given a list of the parking lots available, distance from the airport and types of parking available. Parking options include covered or uncovered valet, self-drive and long term. Payment is made directly with and you will be provided with a reservation receipt to show the cashier at the parking lot.

#3 Park N Fly: Best Airport Parking | Parking At Airport

Park N Fly is the leader in affordable offsite airport parking. They provide an easy way to save time with their alternative to parking at airport. Park n Fly is a US based airport parking service that was founded in 1967 and that offers a better way to park.

The company operates 16 off-airport parking facilities in 15 markets nationwide with. The company offer great service and avoids the hassle of parking and walking to the terminal. The PNF team will pick you up from your car within 5 minutes and drop you right off at your selected terminal with luggage assistance.

#4 Spothero: Park Smarter and Reserve Parking

Spothero is one of the most popular parking reservation websites that was founded in 2011 and based in Chicago. The site compares parking at a wide range of parking garages at most major US airports. Find, reserve and book your airport parking in advance with only a few clicks.

The site allows you to select your departure airport, dates and times of your trip. You will be presented with a heap of parking options near the airport of your choice.


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