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Travel List: Best Tours to see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

Witness the magical Northern Lights in with these tours.

Every year thousands of tourists travel great distances from all around the world to see the magical Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights.

Although auroras occur all around the year but during the summer months they are practically invisible to the naked eye due to the daylight. The long dark nights from October to March are the best time for nature’s light show.

Tripcurated has partnered with some of the best tour companies offering specialised Aurora tours. Tours are available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Alaska and Canada and tours include bus tours, reindeer, cruises, dog sleds, rail and self drive arctic tours. Book these tours to experience the amazing spectacle of the Aurora Borealis this winter.

#1 Wild Lapland 5 Days Winter Experience in Pello, Finland

This five-day winter experience is the perfect way to see the amazing northern lights. The Lapland experience comes complete with everything you could ask for to make the perfect Christmas holiday. A five-day package allows you to explore Rovienemi, Pello, and Finland, led by a professional guide. Your itinerary includes activities including

  • Sleigh ride on a Reindeer farm
  • A visit to Santa Claus’ village
  • Fishing in the Frozen Lakes and learn from a professional about ice fishing
  • Trips to the Lappish Forests
  • Watching the Northern lights courtesy of Campfire BBQ
  • Getting the Arctic Certificate after crossing the Arctic Circle
  • Snowshoeing and hiking at the majestic Eeron Polku Natural Park
  • Riding a sleigh with a traditional Husky

The tour also includes accommodation in double-room cabins with all the bells and whistles of a hotel. Transport shall also be provided. Check Latest Price

#2 Ice, Igloos & the Arctic Circle with 50 Degrees North

Explore the Finland winter and experience the Northern Lights with this Ice, Igloos & the Arctic Circle Tour from 50 Degrees North. This 7 day tour starts in Kemi which is a Finland port town on the northern Gulf of Bothnia. The tour finishes at Ivalo airport in northern Finland. This tour gives you a fantastic chance to experience the Aurora Borealis as you head north of the Arctic Circle into the Lapland wilderness.

Explore the Town of Kemi which includes the the world’s largest snow castle and ride a snowmobile to a small reindeer camp. Hear about the Lappish reindeer herding and the life of a reindeer. You also get the chance to try and drive a reindeer pulled sleigh.

Continue your snowmobile ride to the retired Sampo Icebreaker which is now used as a cruise ship. On board the Sampo you will learn about the history of Icebreakers and how they keep the sea lanes open for commercial vessels. Take the chance to float in ice inside your thermal suit for an incredible experience.

Board the local train for the 90 minute journey to Rovaniemi which is known as the official home of Santa Claus and also home to the Santa Claus Village. Cross the arctic circle and take part in a special Lapp ceremony. You will also receive a certificate to show that you have crossed the arctic.

Board a bus for a 3 hour journey from Rovaniemi to Kakslauttanen which is located in Saariselkä fell area in Northern Finland. This beautiful town offers Lapland wilderness and amazing scenery near the  Urho Kekkonen National Park. Stay overnight in a Glass Igloo at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort allowing you to sleep under the Northern Lights. This resort allows you to finish the tour in luxury and each cabin provides its own peaceful garden area.

This Ice, Igloos & the Arctic Circle tour from 50 Degrees North gives you an amazing experience of the Finland wilderness and the Arctic Circle. This tour provides the great chance of experiencing the Northern Lights. Click Here to book this tour or visit 50 Degree North for more Aurora tours. 

#3 Northern Lights of Iceland including the Blue Lagoon

This Northern Lights of Iceland including the Blue Lagoon tour from Trafalgar provides you with a comfortable way to experience the Northern Lights. The tour includes 5 nights accommodation, buffet breakfast daily and 3 nightly meals. You will start a tour of the Iceland capital of Reykjavik and visit towering waterfalls, spectacular volcanoes and the amazing blue lagoon.

Each night gives you the opportunity to experience the mystical Aurora Borealis as it dances across the Icelandic sky.

#4 Northern Lights Luxury Tour from Reykjavik, Iceland

If you want to chase the Northern Lights in a bit of style then this Northern Lights Luxury Tour would be perfect. The tour picks you up from your Reykjavik accommodation or a designated bus stop nearby. If you haven’t booked your Iceland accommodation as yet we recommend the luxurious Black Pearl Apartment Hotel in downtown Reykjavik.

This tour gives you the perfect opportunity to witness the spectacular Northern Lights from the luxurious panoramic bus while enjoying sparkling wine, home mad Icelandic chocolates and delicious donuts.  The expert tour guide will give you facts valuable information about the Aurora Borealis as you travel along.

If you do not see the Northern Lights on your first tour you will be offered a second tour free of charge. Double up the chances of seeing the lights spectacle. The tour also includes WiFi on the bus as well as free entrance to the Aurora Reykjavik museum on the day of the tour.

#5 Ice Floating in Lapland With Northern Lights, Rovaniemi, Finland

Float in an Icy Lagoon near Rovaniemi, Finland and experience the Northern Lights in one of the most unique ways you could ever imagine. This 3 hour tour picks you up from your accommodation in Rovaniemi (Check out the amazing Snowman World accommodationand drives you approx 15 kilometres outside the city. 

In this location you will visit a secret icy lagoon with no light pollution, giving you the perfect opportunity to see the Aurora Borealis in the night sky. The ice float includes high quality insulated suits so you feel perfectly warm in the freezing water. You will also be given an amazing underwater music show followed by a hot blueberry tea and gingerbread. Check Latest Price

#6 See the Natural Wonders of Lapland And Norway in 5 Days

See the Natural Wonders of Lapland And Norway in 5 Days including the Aurora Borealis with this great tour from Nordic Unique Tours. Explore the picturesque landscape of Norway and Finland while visiting Santa Claus in his village on a snowmobile. The tour starts at finishes in Rovaniemi Finland and also visits Inari and Kirkenes. Your tour guide will take you through the country exploring the breath-taking sites and giving you the perfect change to experience the northern lights.

Your itinerary includes your Arctic Certificate for crossing the Arctic Circle, Meet Santa Claus at his village, Get a tour of the Siida,  Sami Museum in Inari, Sample traditional menus from Finland and Norway, Visit the Luosto mine, Lampivaara Amethyst.

The tour also includes a visit to the Ranua Wildlife Zoo where you can see polar bears and some 200 other Arctic Animals. Transport shall be facilitated from your room where you get picked up after breakfast. On the tour, you will learn to ride a Husky Slide and get a quick cooking class on some of the local favorites. Check Latest Price

#7 Arctic Light, Auroras & Hurtigruten 50 Degrees North Tours

The Arctic Light, Auroras & Hurtigruten is a 50 Degrees North exclusive escorted voyage & tour of Norway and Northern Finland. The 14 days tour includes 9 days inside of the Aurora Zone giving you the perfect chance to experience the Northern Lights. The tour is limited to 10-16 passengers assuring you will be travelling as a small like-minded group. You will be escorted by a member of the 50 Degrees North Scandinavian team who will take care of everything during the tour and provide knowledge of the history and local culture of areas where you travel.

6 Night Hurtigruten Cruise - The 6 night cruise on the one of the Hurtigruten vessel that sail from Bergen on route to Kirkenes in the far north of Norway near the Finnish and Russian borders. The cruise include an outside cabin with the choice of U or P Class (Arctic Superior). On the cruise you will visit Trondheim before crossing over the arctic circle and visiting the amazing Lofoten Islands. You will sail to the “gateway of the arctic” at Tromsø before visiting Honningsvåg and the rugged Nordkapp (North Cape). The cruise disembarks in the beautiful northern city of Kirkenes where you explore the frozen fjords while catching, cooking and eating the Arctic King Crab.

Your next destination is the amazing Kirkenes Snow Hotel giving you a once in a lifetime experience of sleeping in a snow igloo with ice carvings. The rooms include thermal mattress and you are provided with a sleeping bag to stay warm during the night. The Snow Hotel is very popular and one of the many highlights on this tour.

Travel via bus from Kirkenes to Inari which is located in Finnish Lapland.  This is a beautiful drive past frozen lakes and snow covered forests. Check into the Wilderness Hotel in your own glass roofed aurora cabin. These glass cabins allow you to experience the Northern Lights and the crystal clear night sky from the comfort of your room. The rooms face north and have a fantastic view of Lake Inari. You stay in Inari for 3 nights and you will enjoy Reindeer, Snowmobile and Husky Safaris around the arctic wilderness. You will then receive a transfer to Ivalo Airport to finish your tour.

To book this amazing Arctic Light, Auroras & Hurtigruten click here or visit 50 Degrees North for the full range of their Northern Lights tours.

#8 Aurora Chasers Northern Lights Photography Tour Fairbanks Alaska

The Aurora Chasers offer a unforgettable Northern Lights photography tour from Fairbanks Alaska. This tour includes a photography workshop by Ronn & Marketa Murray, the original Aurora Chasers of Alaska. The tour starts at around 9-10pm and includes transportation from your Fairbanks Accommodation, photography workshop as well as a professional Aurora Portrait. The tour finishes usually around 3am and returns you back to your accommodation.

The Aurora Chasers have an expert knowledge of different camera systems and will help their guest take amazing Aurora Borealis photos. You will learn why the tours are referred to as “Aurora Chasing” or “Chasing the Lights”. Different technology is used to forecast the optimum Aurora viewing location which changes nightly and even by the hour. The Aurora Chasers work with other Aurora Hunters to find the best locations based on Aurora activity and weather. Check out the tour dates and pricing for the Aurora Chasers photography tours.

#10 Arctic Express: Greenland’s Northern Lights Tour with Peregrine

This once in a lifetime tour of Greenland with Peregrine Adventures allows you to hike and cruise the arctic wilderness. This breathtaking 10 day tour starts in Reykjavik Iceland and includes charter flights to and from Constable point. The airport here serves the nearby Inuit town of Ittoqqortoormiit (Scoresbysund) which is one of the most remote settlements on earth.

This 10 day Greenland Northern Lights tour package includes 9 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 7 dinners as well as comfortable accommodation on board the Ocean Nova. On the tour you will cruise through Scoresbysund which is the world’s largest fjord system as well as going hiking across the wild tundra of Ella Island. Cruise through the amazing Apelfjord for a chance to see the elusive Arctic Fox and musk ox, which both roam free in this area. Take a zodiac boat cruising through the magnificent icebergs.

The Ocean Nova was built in Denmark in 1992 to sail the icy waters of Greenland. The carbon neutral certified vessel has a strengthened hull making it perfect for discovering these polar regions. The Ocean Nova has a maximum of 78 guests providing a small intimate experience. 

This tour offers some of the most remote and amazing wilderness areas in the world. Every night gives you the opportunity to see the Northern Lights without any noise pollution.

#11 Weekend break at the Greenland Ice Cap with Greenland Travel

Explore the northern lights and the Greenland ice cap with this fantastic tour from Greenland Travel . This tour starts from Copenhagen in Denmark and explores the region around Kangerlussuaq in western Greenland.  The flight from Denmark takes about 4 hours.

This 5 day tour includes flights with Air Greenland as well as 4 nights accommodation at Polar Lodge that is close to the airport and near the only supermarket in town.  Also includes is breakfast each morning and facilities to prepare your own meals each evening.

The tour allows 3 full days to explore the popular sights around Kangerlussuaq including tundra safari, Russell Glacier and of course the amazing northern lights. This region of Greenland provides so of the best fjords in the world as well as breathtaking mountains. Book Now with Greenland Travel or view their range of tours.

#12 Lapland 4 hour Northern Lights Wilderness Tour from Rovaniemi

This 4 hour Northern Lights Wilderness Tour is from Wild about Lapland and is tailor-made every night depending on the weather conditions, northern lights forecast and the ability of the guests. The small group tour allows you to maximize your Aurora chasing experience. Your guide for the tour will teach you facts about the Aurora, wilderness, fauna and even show you how to make a fire and cook food like a native.

This tour leaves from Rovaniemi and your guide will pick you up from your accommodation. If you have not yet booked your accommodation we recommend Santa’s Igloo Arctic Circle. The tour usually leaves between 7pm and 9pm every evening. Your guide will drive you away from the city lights to the perfect spot, this gives guests the best chance of seeing the lights. Click here to book this tour with Wild about Lapland or to browse their other tours.

#13 Iceland 7-Day Akureyri & Reykjavik

This 7-Day Akureyri & Reykjavik Complete Iceland tour starts with a included flight from Reykjavik to the northern Iceland city of Akureyri. The 7 day tours includes 6 nights accommodation and finishes back in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik. The tour includes 3 nights in Akureyri and 3 nights in Reykjavik and is the perfect chance to experience the northern lights.

You can immerse yourself in the culture and interact with the Icelandic locals and enjoy the wonders of the Lake Mvatn. The lake is home to a vibrant selection of flora and fauna and geothermal activity such as the mud pools at Hverir, lava fields at Dimmuborgir and many more. The small group tour includes accommodation and transport from your room. An expert guide will take you in search of the Aurora Borealis and keep you informed on all the sites on your tour. Check the latest prices

#14 Overnight Stay at Tromsø Ice Domes Hotel in Norway

The Tromsø Ice Domes are set among the high mountains of the Tamok Valley about 100km from the city of Tromsø in northern Norway.  The Ice domes are rebuilt every year as the winter approaches and also include ice cinema, ice bars and Ice restaurant. Each have different themes including local Sami culture to Northern lights theme.

This tour will pick you up from the Clarion Edge Hotel in downtown Tromsø at approx 5pm and the journey to the Ice Domes takes about 1 1/2 hours. You will have a guide available from the moment you arrive till the time you depart the hotels the following morning. The guide can provide you detailed information about how the domes are built and how snow is extremely important for the survival of arctic animals in the cold winter months.

In the evening you will enjoy a hunt for the Northern Lights which includes a snow shoes walk into the dark wilderness away from civilization. Look for animal track along the way as the guide explains more about the area before helping you to make a open fire for your grilled dinner.

At night you will enjoy refreshments in the ice bar before drifting to sleep on a comfortable mattress covered in reindeer skins surrounded by an ice frame in one of the most unique experiences of your life. A beautiful traditional Norwegian breakfast will be served at 8am and you are free to explore the area for the rest of the day. Why not try dog sledding, snowmobiling, or reindeer sledding. The bus returns at 9am or you can stay to enjoy your chosen activity.

This Overnight Stay at Ice Domes Hotel is an amazing experience and gives you the perfect chance to experience the amazing Aurora Borealis in the dark sky of the Norwegian wilderness.

#15 Sleigh Ride In Rovaniemi Finland With Northern Lights

Lapland is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to experience the Northern Lights up close. This Aurora hunting sleigh ride leaves from the beautiful Finnish town of Rovaniemi right on the arctic circle. A pickup service is available from your hotel in Rovaniemi. If you haven’t booked accommodation we recommend the amazing Santa’s Igloos.

The sleigh ride lasts for 4 hours and takes you on an unforgettable journey though the snowy wilderness. The tour takes you to a magical frozen lake that is free from any light pollution offering you the perfect opportunity to spot the lights.

As you sit by the campfire waiting for the lights to appear you will enjoy a traditionally BBQ and some delicious Sami blueberry tea. If the conditions are right you will enjoy the amazing spectacle of the northern lights in the dark sky above.

There is also a live guide available for the ride. It comes in languages like Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, English, French and Japanese. Check the Latest Prices

#16 Iceland 7 Day Northern Lights & Ice Cave Tour

If you wish to see for yourself the marvel of the Northern Lights, you don’t need to go so far as the Northern Pole. You can visit Iceland and still enjoy the best views of Aurora Borealis on this 7 Day Northern Lights & Ice Cave Tour. Staying in Iceland for a week allows you plenty of opportunities to see the lights.

This 7 Day Winter Vacation will give you the opportunity to tour the three major national parks of Þingvellir, Snæfellsjökull and Vatnajökull. All three parks boast of splendid natural wonders. You can also enjoy unconventional outdoor adventures like ice caving where you can marvel at the colours and scenic landscapes as well.

For more enthralling experiences, you can consider exploring the Golden Circle in unique and exotic ways. Choose from either riding a horse or snowmobile on the picturesque landscape of glaciers or diving and snorkeling in the Silfra fissure between two continents. Visit Guide to Iceland for the latest prices.

#17 Northern Lights Minibus Tour in Iceland

This Northern Lights Minibus Tour leaves from Reykjavík and goes hunting for the Aurora Borealis in the company of new friends.  This 3 hour tour is a fantastic introduction to the Northern Lights and you will be picked up from your accommodation around 20:30. The tour departs the bright city lights of Reykjavík into the darkness of the Icelandic countryside. The guides use up to date aurora forecasts to plan the best options of finding the lights.

The Northern Lights Minibus Tour is a great way to hunt for the Northern Lights when you do not have time for a longer Aurora tour. Visit Guide to Iceland for the latest prices

#19 Lapland Northern Lights Hunt + Husky Sleigh Ride from Rovaniemi

Can you think of anything better that sitting in a sled as is pulled by a team of huskies while searching for the Northern Lights? This Lapland Northern Lights Hunt + Husky Sleigh Ride leaves from Rovaniemi in Finland and gives you a great chance of seeing the magical Aurora Borealis.

You will be picked up from your hotel in Rovaniemi and then take part in a 10 kilometer sleight ride pulled by huskies. The tour includes a visit to a Reindeer farm and includes an English speaking guide. You will also be well rugged up for the Winter night with Overalls, Boots, Gloves and a beanie. You will also stop for some grilled sausages and drinks.

At the end of the tour you will be dropped back at your hotel. This Lapland Northern Lights Hunt + Husky Sleigh Ride gives you a great experience and opportunity to see the Northern Lights in the dark Lapland sky. Check the Latest Prices

#20 Arctic Circle Aurora Viewing Night Tour from Fairbanks Alaska

This fantastic Arctic Circle Aurora Viewing Night Tour leaves and returns to Fairbanks in Alaska. The tour heads into the arctic circle to give you every opportunity of seeing the Northern Lights. All the way you will see the mighty Yukon River and be on the lookout of an elusive Arctic Fox.

The tours stops at several locations to help your group located the dancing lights. At the end of your tour you will receive a certificate that you have been to the arctic Circle as well as one for seeing the Aurora Borealis. Check latest prices

#21 Elding Reykjavík Iceland Northern Lights Cruise

Search for Aurora Borealis on this fantastic winter cruise from Elding Adventure at Sea. The chances of witnessing the amazing Northern Lights are increased significantly as you sail away from the Old Harbour in downtown Reykjavik. The Faxaflói bay area offers dark skies away from the bright city lights allowing your eyes to adjust to the darkness.

The tour starts at the Whale Watching Centre by Ægisgarður pier with a 10 minute multimedia show explaining the science behind the magical lights. The boat offers open top viewing decks which are perfect for experiencing the Northern Light and include use of warm overalls. When you are ready to warm up you can return to the heated indoor lounge. There are also viewing platforms, toilet facilities and a cafe offering light refreshments.

A cruise like this gives you the best chance of seeing the Aurora with the expert on hand to answer any questions you may have. Visit for more information.

#22 Iceland 5 Day Northern Lights & Glacier Lagoons Tour

This fantastic tour from On the GO Tours starts and ends in Reykjavik! Spend 5 days searching for the Northern Lights with this Northern Lights & Glacier Lagoons tour. The tour package taking you through Reykjavik, Iceland and 6 other destinations in Iceland. Northern Lights & Glacier Lagoons – 5 days includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, meals, transport and more. Check out the latest prices for the 5 Day Northern Lights & Glacier Lagoons Tour with

#23 Northern Lights 7-Hour Tour from Tromsø Norway

Professional tour guides and experienced aurora hunters lead this 7-hour tour into the countryside outside of Tromsø. Explore Arctic nature while hunting for the Northern Lights.

After a pick-up in the city center the tour heads into an area of mountains, fjords and valleys. The actual route depends on weather conditions and where clear skies can be found. Sometimes groups go as far as the Finnish and Swedish borders to find the right conditions for the lights, so don’t forget your passport!

Snacks and hot drinks are provided as are tripods for the best possible photos. The guide will also take photos on the tour and share them with the group after the trip. Check latest prices and tour dates


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