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11 Best Delsey Luggage (Updated 2023)

Are you looking for the best Delsey luggage reviews in 2023? Delsey Luggage has been one of my personal favorites since I bought my first spinner when I was in Paris in 2017. I personally hadn’t heard of the brand prior to that however they were formed in Paris in 1946 just after the end of World War 2.

Delsey was create by Emily Delhaye and the Seynhaeve brothers who used the first 3 initials of their surnames to create the brand name. They originally formed the company to create cases for Cameras and record players (remember them) and their first piece of luggage was not created until 1975 and the name Delsey has been known worldwide since for its quality luggage and travel accessories.

As luggage developed over the next 40 years Delsey Luggage led the way in quality and design. Over the years the company added features now common place on luggage including wheels, extendable handles and stronger durable materials. The Delsey Helium range of luggage released in 1984 was the first to introduce flexible frame case. Fast forward to 2021 and nothing has changed, Delsey are still pioneers in quality travel luggage and also make a full range of backpacks, duffels, totes, suitcases and accessories. their luggage is strong, lightweight while also have that unmistakable french style. There is nothing worse than your favorite piece of luggage breaking while you are on the road, while you might treat your luggage with care the airport luggage handlers, bus and taxi drivers and even hotel concierges so not take the same level of care. You need to ensure your luggage is durable, well made and able to withstand the rigors of a local, interstate or overseas trip.

Delsey Luggage is built to last, the wheels on each piece of Delsey luggage are designed to to last for over 30 kilometers travelling over bumpy and rough surfaces without failing. Each bag is designed and tested to strict quality standards and zips are made with a patented Securitech Zip that is designed to be 40 times harder to break into that traditional zips. The shells on the hard luggage cases are designed to withstand impact and ensure your belongings are always kept safe and secure. The materials used on the soft shell luggage are also tested to be tear proof and strong enough for daily travel.  All bags are also tested for resistance to rust and extreme weather conditions.  To back up the quality of each Delsey luggage piece the company offers a full Ten Year guarantee

Delsey Luggage Features

Delsey luggage offers all the features expected in traditional luggage as well as some features which ware unique to the brand. We will look at some of the features that different styles of Delsey bags may have. Easy Running Wheels – All Delsey spinner bags offer 4 easy running double wheels that are quiet and smooth to use. Each wheel is designed to withstand over 30 km of rolling over different surfaces. TSA combination lock – TSA combination locks are perfect if you are visiting the USA, it allows the Transport Security Administration (TSA) to pen your bags using a special key. This avoids them breaking locks if they would like to search your bags. The locks have a flag on them to identify that they have been opened by the TSA

Ultra Durable Zip – The bags offer an ultra durable zip that ensure the zip will not jam or fail even after excessive use. The zip can be one of the weakest parts of the bags and the quality of the zip is sometimes overlooked.

Next Generation Poly-carbonate – The hard shell bags are made with a next generation poly-carbonate which is designed to be stronger and lighter than other similar materials. As the technology develops different materials are used to improve the luggage

Overweight Indicator – The over weight indicator is built into the case and will let you know if your bag is over 50 lbs which makes it considered overweight for most airlines.

Web Tracking Code – Each bag includes an unique web tracking identification code that enables anyone who finds your luggage to contact you discreetly

Luggage Sizes – The luggage from Delsey is available in a wide range for sizes from cabin bags to full suitcases. Sizes vary from 50cm right up to 82cm with styles and options to suit every type of traveler.

#1 21 inch DELSEY Paris Chatelet Hard+ Hardside Luggage Spinner

The Chatelet Hard+ from Delsey Paris is named after the famous central district of Paris and offers a lightweight and durable 100% polycarbonate shell that is extremely resilient to cracking or breaking; designed with stylish faux leather accents.

The Chatelet Hard+ Hardside Luggage is equipped with an award-winning brake system. Activated with a button, the brake locks the two front wheels of the luggage preventing the bag from drifting away while allowing travelers to roll the bag on the back two wheels.

Featuring four spinner wheels assuring a stable base with multi-directional rolling with zero weight on your hand for easy travel. The suitcase also offers a recessed 3-dial TSA approved combination lock for security.

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#2 Helium Colours Lightweight Carry On Hardside 4 Wheel Spinner

The Helium Colours Lightweight Carry on Hardside 4 Wheel Spinner comes with several features which make it among the best wheel spinners you can buy to achieve great success in your travel experience. The Helium has some great features which make the wheel spinner a prefect choice for your next trip including rugged hardside polypropylene shells construction. For the suitcase to achieve great durability, it is made out of rugged hard side polypropylene shells. The protective tongue in groove closure ensures the suitcase can secure your belongings as you travel to different places.

The four EZ Glide spinner wheels make it easy for you to move the spinner to different places. When it comes to maneuverability, the suitcase is made to assure you peace of mind.

The wheeler  is extremely easy to lock, with just one bottom locking system; you will have the system locked for you to carry it onto the plane. Aircraft grade aluminum construction ensures the system achieves high level of durability. For you to board the plane, you need a TSA approved lock for your luggage, the wheeler comes with an inbuilt wheeler so that you can easily lock your belongings when travelling.

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#3 Shadow 3.0 International Carry-On Expandable Spinner

The Delsey Shadow 3.0 International Carry-On Expandable Spinner has 100% poly-carbonate construction which makes it highly durable and a great option for longer trips and vacations. Nylon lining ensures your valuables are well safeguarded. The construction is highly impact resistant which ensures all your valuables are well protected. The size is also perfect for carry-on luggage with most domestic and international airlines.

The Shadow 3.0 International Carry-On Expandable Spinner also featured a recessed TSA lock allowing more more security while you travel, especially through the USA. TSA agents at any US port can easily open your luggage without breaking the lock. The trolley also has a unique lid opening allowing you to pack all your belongings on the luggage racks. The main compartment expands to assure you maximum carrying capacity.

The silent running double spinner wheels assure you get smooth maneuverability which is essential when transiting through airports or train stations. There is no strain on your arms due to the great design of the suitcase which allows you to push it along using the silent wheels. When travelling for a business trip, you need a laptop; the laptop compartment can fit up to 15.6 inch laptop conveniently. If you are looking for a new spinner suitcase then the Delsey Shadow 3.0 International Carry-On Expandable Spinner is the prefect choice. It is available to buy online at Amazon.

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#4 DELSEY Paris Comete 2.0 Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner

The Delsey Paris Comete 2.0 is a Hardside Expandable suitcase with Spinner Wheels perfect for your next business trip. This luggage made using a lightweight and durable ABS/polycarbonate shell that makes it extremely resilient to cracking or breaking.

The luggage includes Four spinner wheels assuring a stable base with multi-directional rolling with zero weight on your hand for easy travel. The case also has roomy interior features elastic tie-down straps and a mesh divider to secure belongings while expanding up to 2 inches for additional packing space.

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#5 Helium Shadow 3.0 25″ Exp. Spinner Trolley

The Helium Shadow 3.0 25″ Exp. Spinner Trolley is a great 25 inch spinner trolley from Delsey that is one of the better travel bags on the market. The bag is made 100% polycarbonate making it extremely lightweight and durable and scratch resistant, while the nylon lining helps to protect your possessions while traveling.

This suitcase features a recessed TSA approved security lock allowing the TSA agents to easily inspect your bag without damaging the lock.  Double Spinner wheels help with maneuverability  in tight spaces or while traveling through airport terminals. The Helium Shadow 3.0 25″ Exp. Spinner is a great travel option and is currently available to be bought online at Amazon.

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#6 Delsey Helium Titanium International Carry-On Spinner

The Delsey Helium Titanium International Carry-On Spinner suitcase is made out of 100% Poly carbonate which is one of the strongest materials available in suitcases. The matt finish is very attractive and scratch resistant. This suitcase offers all the features you need for business trips and vacations. The integrated padded compartment allows you to carry a laptop of up to 15.6 inch size. Mesh pockets allows you to carry computer accessories and toiletries as you travel. The interior of the spinner is fully lined and tie down straps are available to help organize your items.

The Delsey Helium Titanium International Carry-On Spinner induces a recessed TSA approved combination lock to ensure extra security when traveling within the United States. The spinner wheels and the durable handle provide excellent maneuverability and keep no weight on your arm while using. This suitcase is the perfect carry on luggage for business or pleasure and is available to purchase online at Amazon

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#7 Delsey Dauphine 3 Piece Lightweight Spin Luggage Set

This fantastic Delsey Dauphine 3 piece Lightweight Spinner Luggage Set is manufactured using a durable polyester which is strong and also easy to clean. The material is water-resistant allowing you piece of mind when caught in a rainstorm heading to the airport. This 3 Piece luggage set includes carry-on, 23 inch and 37.5 inch bags making it perfect for a family vacation. Each bag features 4 spinner trolley wheels offering great maneuverability and the handle ensure zero weight on your arm when travelling.

Large front zippered pockets allow you to add extra last minutes items and provides easy access to regularly used items. The interior of the bags offer tie down straps and zippered pockets. This set is perfectly sized with the smaller bag allowing carry-on while the other 2 bags can be checked with most airlines. If you are looking for a great 3 piece luggage set then the Delsey Dauphine 3 piece Lightweight Spinner set is the perfect choice, and is available to buy online at Amazon.

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#8 Delsey Helium Cruise 29 Inch EXP Spinner

The Delsey Helium Cruise 29 Inch EXP Spinner is a great option for checked baggage for your next overseas trip. This bag is made using 1680D nylon which is one of the strongest and lightest materials currently available for soft shell suitcase. This suitcase includes double spinner wheels allowing for easy maneuvering around the airport or during transit. It also features the patented overweight indicator to ensure you do not get excited and stuff your suitcase above the capacity. 

Laptop protection is not available on the checked baggage options however it is available on smaller carry on sizes however this suitcase does offer an easy access compartment allowing quick access to regularly needed items like toiletries or electronic items. the main compartment of this bag also expands allowing for extra storage capacity. The Delsey Helium Cruise 29 Inch EXP Spinner is available to be purchased online from Amazon.

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#9 Delsey Helium Aero International Carry On Expandable Spinner

The Delsey Helium Aero International Carry on Expandable Spinner Trolley is manufactured of of 100% Poly-carbonate which ensures the suitcase is durable and resistant to cracking or breaking. A deep metallic finish allow makes the bag extremely attractive and is available in a wide range of different colors.  out of polyester. The bag features a strong zipper closure and fabric lining to keep your possessions safe and secure at all times.

The fantastic double spinner wheels on the Helium Aero International Carry on Expandable Spinner ensure the case is easy to maneuver through airports and bus terminals and and two lockable positions of the handle ensure no weight on your arm while pushing. The suitcase comes with easy access front compartment to store those items that you need to access regularly. 

Padded sleeve allows you to accommodate up to 15.6 inch laptop. The suitcase also expands up to 2 inches providing additional storage space when you have decided to over pack or got carried away shopping. The Helium Aero International Carry on Expandable Spinner is sized to allow carry-on with most airlines and integrated 3 dial TSA combination lock allows agents to inspect your luggage without damaging it. We love this case and it is available online at Amazon.

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#10 Chatillon 21″ Carry-On Exp. Spinner Trolley

The Chatillon 21″ Carry-On Exp. Spinner Trolley is a great smaller suitcase perfect for shorter trips and is made using polyester construction with fabric lining. The Duratek fabric construction ensures your luggage will plenty of domestic and overseas vacations and business trips. This bag is made using Ultra lightweight technology making it easy to carry while traveling and also features an easy to access front pocket providing additional storage for regularly used items.

A clever overweight indicator will alert you if you have packed your case over the allowed 50 pounds, this also helps when you do not have a luggage scale available to ensure you are not charged excess baggage fees. For business travelers the Chatillon 21″ Carry-On Exp. Spinner Trolley provides a padded pocket that fits and protects a 14 inch backpack and the removable cable pouch at the bottom allows you to carry electronic accessories conveniently.

A unique ability of this suitcase is for the main compartment to expand allows extra storage while the interior is well lined with zippered pockets which allow you to enjoy your travel. This is a great option if you are looking for a smaller bag for your next trip and is available online at Amazon.

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#11 Delsey Helium Aero Expandable Spinner (29″)

The extremely popular Delsey Helium Aero Expandable Spinner trolley is one of the best 29″ cases we have seen and features a contemporary design with a glossy metallic finish. You can travel in style with this durable and lightweight 100% polycarbonate design that is guaranteed to survive even the most seasoned traveler. The material used makes its very resistant to cracking or breaking that other hardside luggage is sometimes susceptible to.

This expandable spinner trolley is 29 inches high, 19 Inches deep and just over 12 inches wide and the double spinner wheels make it perfect for maneuvering through even the tightest obstacles. It is so easy to control and doesn’t require any effort in moving it. The TSA approved lock makes it great for traveling through USA airports and allows the TSA to open it using their special key. An easy access front compartment is also available making it easy to store items that will be accessed regularly like laptops or toiletries. The Delsey Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley is perfect for your next vacation and available to buy online at Amazon.

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