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Best Hiking Poles 2023 – Buyers Guide and Reviews

Are you looking for Best Hiking and Trekking Poles you can buy in 2021?

Are you looking for Best Hiking Poles you can buy in 2022?

Before setting off on your next hike you need to ensure you have all the correct equipment. For most people that usually includes a good pair of hiking boots, water bottle and backpack. Don’t forget to also grab a hiking pole. Hiking poles are used by hikers of all skill levels to provide support while reducing impact on the body. They also give you additional stability which is required as you hike different terrain.

What to look for when buying Poles?

When buying a new set of hiking poles you need to ensure you consider the following.

Hiking Pole Materials

Weight and strength are the 2 biggest factors to consider. Poles are usually made from cheaper Aluminium which is light, however better models use carbon fiber which provides additional strength without adding additional weight.

Hiking Pole Grips

Grips are extremely important ans options include foam, cork or even molder plastic. I would suggest looking at the dual density foam grips for extra comfort or ensure you have a good pair of gloves

Hiking Pole Shaft

The best hiking poles all feature collapsible shafts making them easily transported however the mechanism does change. Some have flicking locks while others use twisting mechanism which is usually up to personal preference. The following are the Best Hiking Poles you can buy online in 2022.


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