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9 Best Laptop Bags for Travel (Updated 2023)

Best Laptop Bags 2021 – Travelers Guide and Reviews

Are you looking to buy a new laptop bag for travel in 2023? If the answer is yes you have come to the right place. 

What are the best laptop bags? After spending a large amount of money on your new laptop your next purchase should be a good quality laptop bag. Whether you are looking for a rugged backpack that you can take on the road with you or a small messenger bag to take on business trips, keeping your laptop or computer safe is essential. Some people like their Laptop bag to be stylish and fashionable while others are quite happy with dull colors like grey and black. Either way you need to ensure you have peace of mind that your expensive computer is safely packed away. Laptop bags can come in a range of prices from entry level to luxury and the final choice will depend on your budget and where you will be using the bag. Please remember that high cost doesn’t always mean quality and some of the cheaper bags available are good quality.

That is why I have created a list of Best Laptop Bags to buy in 2023. After hours of research online and trusting various laptop bags, I have shortlisted the top laptop bags that you should consider right now. There are different types of laptop bags available to match your style and how you plan on using them. Make sure you choose one that matches your style. you can get laptop bags that work in the same way as other bags and offer the same features, don’t forget the amount of weight you have to carry when making your selection. Laptop Bags are available that look and function like regular backpacks, tote bags, briefcases and messenger bags. The decision is based on how you plan to use the bag, backpacks are great for travel, business and students. Messenger bags are perfect for bike riders and offer a stylish look while briefcases offer the traditional business look. We will now look in more detail at the benefits of each bag type.

Messenger Bags Traditionally messenger bags were used by bike couriers and they still work perfectly well for any cyclists. Due to the design you can throw it over your shoulder with minimal fuss and head out on the road. Messenger Bags are also perfect for travel and business use, they look great and offer comfort.  Look for messenger bags that offer padded straps to to provide extra comfort and make sure you get it big enough for your gear. A great example of a practical and stylish messenger bag is the Everki Track Laptop Messenger Bag

Backpack Laptop Bags Backpack style Laptop Bags are a comfortable way to carry  your laptop and accessories without straining your back. Traditionally used by students they have now become popular in business as well as for travelers. They are awesome for when you have to use public transport or regularly head through airport security as they keep your hands free to hold passports or tickets. When browsing different laptop backpacks online make sure you look for brands with good padded straps that can be adjusted as required. Make sure the backpack is well padded to avoid unnecessary bumps while in transit, also looks for a bag that has enough compartments for all your gear. We love the Targus CityGear Laptop Backpack which is a great all round backpack.

Briefcase Laptop Bags Briefcases have had a place in business for a long time and are designed for carrying by the handles. The briefcase style backpack bags are lightweight and usually offer a very professional look and feel which is perfect for meetings and conferences. The briefcase laptop bags are also great for travel however they generally don’t have as much storage room as a backpack so you need to look for one with more compartments.  Ensure it has enough room for your laptop, accessories and any work or books you need to carry. Have a look at the AmazonBasics 14-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag

Laptop Sleeves Laptop Sleeves are perfect when only want to carry your laptop without lugging around all your other gear. They look similar to a pencil case and are usually made from Neoprene which was originally developed for wet suits. The rubbery neoprene provides great padding by itself or when placed inside another laptop bags that may not offer enough protection. There is also a wide range of hard shell cases available offering even more protection for your valuable laptop or tablet. Can be combined with other styles to offer more padding and security. Have a look at the Kitron-Neoprene Soft Sleeve Case

Rolling Laptop Bags Rolling laptop bags are fantastic for travel and help you to carry larger laptop and more equipment. Perfect for business travelers as they can combine a laptop bag with a day pack so you only need to carry (wheel) one set of luggage. These bags offer more storage but the wheels mean they are usually heavier that the other styles of laptop bags. When buying a rolling laptop bag ensure you get a model with spinner wheels that freely rotate 360 degrees meaning the bag is easier to steer while on the move. Amazon have a great selection of rolling laptop bags.

What size laptop bag should you get?

When selecting your perfect laptop bag you need to ensure your laptop fits into it. It is good t have a nice tight fitting to avoid the bag moving when in transit which can cause damage. You also do not want to have the laptop too tight which may cause the bag to stretch and possibly tear over time. After selecting the style of you bag and he you are going to use it the next step it to identify exactly how big your laptop is. Knowing the measurements of your laptop is essential in choosing the right laptop bag. First you need to measure your screen size and then measure the height width and depth of your laptop.

How to measure laptop size for bag?

How to measure the screen size? GRACESHIP Women's Laptop Bags - Measure Your LaptopWhen measuring your laptop screen size you need to only measure the actual screen and not the bezel surrounding the screen, that said sometimes on older models of laptops the bezel could add a few inches which need to be considered. To correctly measure your laptop screen you need to use a tape measure from the bottom left corner of the screen diagonally to the top right corner. Most laptop bags provide use the screen size when advertising how big the laptop bag is. If your screen measures 15 inches then you should look for a bag capable of holding this and maybe allow an extra inch. Remember that screen size alone doesn’t mean your 15 inch laptop will fit into a bag advertised as 15″. Please do not forget to measure height, width and depth of your laptop as well.

How to measure the height? To measure the height of your laptop it is required to be closed. Use your measuring tape and measure from the bottom to the top of the laptop. this is usually easiest to do from the side of the laptop.

How to measure the width? The width of your laptop is also best measured when the laptop screen is closed. With the laptop facing you measure from the left of the laptop to the right of the laptop.

How to measure the depth? The depth of the the laptop is an indication of how long or deep it is when you are looking at it. Close the laptop and measure from the front of the laptop to the back. I would suggest measuring both sides to ensure you get accurate measurements.

Once you have measured the screen size and the length, width and depth of your laptop you need to look for laptop bags that match that measurements. Remember sometime slightly bigger is better depending on the type of bag you are choosing.

How to choose the right size Laptop Bag?

After you have correctly measured your laptop screen, height, width and depth it is time to look for laptop bags that meet these dimensions. The dimensions you have measured are the minimum required for your laptop bag to fit. It is unlikely you will find a bag fitting exactly those measurements unless it is specifically designed for your laptop model. this is probably more common for popular items like Macbooks or Chromebooks. Laptops have many different sizes and as a result laptop bags have been designed to cater for as many models as possible. Most laptop bags manufacturer advertise the size of the laptop the bag will fit up to.

A laptop bag advertised as 15″ will generally fit all laptops up to that size, It is almost certain a 16″ laptop will not fit into a 15″ bag. Alternatively you would buy a 19″ laptop bag for your 15″ laptop as there would be too much movement that could damage the laptop. As a rule of thumb I would suggest rounding to the nearest size when choosing a bag this will guarantee it will fit and also be reasonably snug. The manufacturers website will generally provide the full internal dimensions of the bag which will help you confirm your bag will fit snugly.

Make sure it isn’t too big as the laptop will slide around and be damaged while too small will ultimately damage the bag itself by stretching.Make sure you also consider the other storage compartments you may require. If you travel a lot you may need a backpack style laptop bag that has an internal sleeve for your laptop but still allows other clothing and accessories.

What type of storage do I need?

When deciding how much storage compartments you require you first need to decide how and where you are going to use the bag. If traveling you may want to safely carry luggage as well as your laptop, tablet or camera. Do not forget your laptop battery!!! when making calculations. Most the better laptop bags available offer a wide variety of compartments and pockets. These include mesh pockets, zipped pockets and other areas that are designed specifically to carry your gear.

You can get compartments that fit you tablet, cell phone, keys, passport,  pens and even your sunglasses.Make sure any bag you buy has enough compartments for your everyday use. Backpacks and Rolling Laptop bags will generally offer more storage capacity and can be used as carry on luggage or as a day pack. This adds additional weight that you need to carry (or wheel) to your destination. Laptop sleeves usually have minimal storage options.

Laptop Travel Tips

When looking for the perfect laptop bag for your next business trip or vacation you need to look at a few factors. Our suggestion is to look for a laptop backpack or even a rolling bag which are perfect for traveling and easy to move from destination to destination. Most travelers have quite a lot of accessories and being able to fit them all into one easy to carry bag is ideal. Look for bags that easily fit your laptop as well as DSL cameras.

You also possibly need room for some clothing, passports, tickets and other accessories. If you are a frequent traveler it might be worth looking at TSA friendly bags which do not need to be opened at security. Some models offer RFID protection of your electronic cards. Make sure you get a bag with good quality and comfortable handles or straps, that is easy to transport.

A good solution to provide extra padding for your laptop is to look for a bag that is slightly bigger than your laptop and then also buy a neoprene sleeve and combine them. In this buying guide we have covered the best way to determine which laptop bag is perfect for you. Remember to consider how and where you will use the bag, the size of your laptop and how frequently you travel. We hope you enjoyed this article and it helps you find your perfect laptop bag.

#1 Targus City Gear Laptop Backpack

Brand: Targus
Buy Now: 

The Targus City Gear Laptop Backpack is a large bag that provides an ample amount of padded storage for any 17” laptop. Not only does the bag hold a laptop, it can fit your mouse, iPod, books, and more within its various compartments. As if the size wasn’t a major selling point, this particular bag is the perfect size for air travel as it slides right in the carry-on compartment without a problem.

Crafted with light, yet durable nylon, the Targus City Gear Laptop Backpack features padded mesh shoulder straps that provide comfort while carrying. If you’re looking for a bag to last you for years and perfect to take on your travels, this is the one!

  • Cost Efficient at approximately $50
  • Large 17 inch size
  • Lightweight with separated compartments
  • Also holds iPads and Tablets.

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#2 Ogio Renegade RSS Laptop Backpack

The Ogio Renegade RSS Laptop Backpack is a must-have top of the line product. The bag itself weighs around 3.6 lbs. but is loaded with luxuries like fully adjustable, ergonomic, yoke-style shoulder straps, an expandable phone pocket, padded mouse or digital camera pocket, dual size accessory/beverage holders, and a soft touch neoprene grab handle! 

This bag also has an adjustable sternum strap, deluxe organization panel with zippered stash pocket, and two fully secure, zippered side pockets. As if all of the design elements weren’t enough, you can buy with ease knowing that the company offers a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Loaded with must-have design elements.
  • Mid-price point at around $120-150.

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#3 Kelly Moore Pilot Laptop Backpack

When you think Kelly Moore, you probably think camera bag. Wrong! Kelly Moore’s Pilot Bag is perfect for everything, including standing on its own. Whether you want to carry your camera, laptop, or must-have baby supplies you can do it all thanks to the removable basket design. The basket design feature allows users to separate their belongings by padded compartments so that they don’t clash together during your busy day. If the compartments don’t fit your needs one day, that is totally fine because they can be removed or adjusted as needed. 

This high-end unisex bag was handcrafted with durable canvas, luxurious genuine leather and beautiful antiqued brass hardware to complete the look. Carry this 4.3 lb. bag by its adjustable backpack strap and you’ll be ready to take it anywhere. 

  • Can carry a laptop up to 15”
  • Features card slots & 1 zipper pocket
  • Quality design that can be altered to fit your needs

Check Amazon for the latest price

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#4 Herschel Supply Co. Heritage Sleeve for 15 Inch

The Herschel Supply Co. Heritage Laptop Sleeve has a modern and stylish look that screams, “professional!” Its polyester composition is durable, easy to clean, and is able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. The sleeve itself is thin, but well-padded and lined for protection. The weight and sizing is perfect as it can easily slip into a backpack or office bag. This particular brand comes in a variety of sizes to fit all of your laptop needs.

Check latest price on Amazon

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#5 Jack Georges University Collection Oversized Laptop Briefcase

The Jack Georges University Collection features luxury oversized laptop bags that are made with American steer hides. These bags are incredibly strong and long-lasting, which is a nod to their full grain, non-corrected leather. Main features include an adjustable strap that can be removed, solid brass hardware, flap closure with buckles, dual front pockets, and organizers for your business cards, cell phone and more! 

Buyers can utilize the padded center compartment for their laptop as it is safe and secure with a zipper enclosure. This bag comes in black or brown colors and is a must-have for professionals or students pursuing professional careers.

  • Holds laptops up to 16” x 11” x 2”
  • Long lifetime

Check latest price on Amazon

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#6 Solo Laptop Rolling Catalog Case

The Solo Laptop Rolling Catalog Case Hanging File System is crafted with tough polyester body and weighs approximately 9.3 lbs. It is a rolling system that features a telescoping drop down handle, as well as a sturdy carrying handle. It is priced in the $95-$110 price range, which is an affordable investment for the average business person. 

Inside the bag is a removable padded laptop case that is. While it is important that you can safely lug your electronic devices and legal size paperwork in the removable hanging file system, it is even more important that you can breeze through security at the airport with the “check-fast” sleeve design. Body size dimensions: 13.5” x 18” x 8”.

  • Affordable price point
  • Sturdy outside construction that can stand on its own

Check latest price on Amazon

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#7 Samsonite Delegate 3.1 Hardside Attache

The Samsonite Delegate 3.1 Hardside Attache Briefcase is crafted with a super tough polycarbonate outer shell that is perfect for those who travel frequently but don’t want to lug something large around (i.e. crowded rides on the subway). 

The inside is lined with a soft polyester and offers a divided organizational panel that can hold pens, paper, and cell phones. Users may secure their laptop (up to 17”) with cords/accessories in a location that is protected by DOT EVA foam and an outside combination. 

Overall, this modern and more durable take on the old school briefcase is getting 5 stars from just about everyone! Valued around $150, most users agree that it is worth every penny.

  • Not too large, dimensions of 18.0 “x 14.0” x 4.0”
  • Easy to organize and locate items

Check latest price on Amazon

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#8 Kattee Handmade Leather Laptop Briefcase Messenger Bag

Aesthetically appealing, the Kattee Handmade Leather Laptop Briefcase offers a professional look that gives off vintage vibes. The bag itself is handcrafted with luxurious leather and fine stitch detail. It features a front flap with easy to open enclosure that gives it a “messenger bag” look. 

Buyers can utilize the 2 front zipper pockets and 1 back pocket for smaller miscellaneous items while carrying the bag with its padded and adjustable shoulder strap (up to 55” in length). The main compartment of the Katte design can fit laptops up to 15.7” while the computer compartment fits up to 14” electronics with space for a phone, wallet, and cards!

  • Mid range Affordability
  • Durable genuine leather

Check latest price on Amazon

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#9 Tumi Alpha 2 T-Pass and Reg Expandable Laptop Briefcase

The Tumi-Alpha 2 T-Pass laptop bag is a great alternative to a laptop backpack; no more feeling like a college kid as you enter a super important business meeting! Handcrafted with 100% ballistic nylon, these top of the line bags are super durable and designed to take the wear and tear of a business professional who is required to fly across the globe. 

It is easy to carry, passes through security without having to remove laptop (USA), and nestles perfectly underneath your plane seat. Styles may vary but most Tumi-Alpha 2 T-Pass designs feature u-zip pockets on the front, back pockets, waterproof pockets, carry handles, shoulder strap and more. Easily fits a 15” laptop, designed for small to medium sized devices.

  • Crafted with durable ballistic nylon
  • Professional look, built to withstand long distance commutes

Check latest price on Amazon

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#10 Aqua Quest Storm 100% Waterproof Laptop Case

The Aqua Quest Storm’s greatest feature is that it is 100% waterproof thanks to its removable padded pouch and double seal technology. No need to worry about leaky water bottles or other unfortunate mishaps in your bag. Priced anywhere between $35-45 dollars, this ultra-sleek case weighs only a few ounces and provides a small handle at the top to carry it with. 

To ensure a leak proof seal, this case also offers an outer Velcro flap that acts as extra protection against the elements. This sleek case is versatile to almost any laptop brand; however, buyers must be aware of the sizing. Whether your laptops 13”, 15” or 17”, the Aqua Storm Quest clearly states how large each of their products can hold. If you own a 17” laptop and are hoping to squeeze it in the 15” case, that isn’t going to happen.

  • 2 Years No-Worries Warranty
  • Professional look, built to withstand long distance commutes

Check latest price on Amazon

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