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8 Best Leather Passport Holders – Buying Guide and Reviews

Are you looking for the Best Leather Passport Holders?

Are you looking for the Best Leather Passport Holders? There are so many brands in the market in can get quite confusing which is the best one to buy for your next vacation,  Luckily for you our team of experts have spent over 50 hours looking at different models and type of passport holders to help you narrow now the search. The passport holders available in the market come in different designs and materials include some cheaper materials.

We believe that passport holders made out of leather offer the most durability as well as great design option. Make you you check out all the different features available in  leather passport holders so that you can make the right decision. Do you need all these features?? We will look at them in more detail below. Your passport is the most important travel document you will ever carry (even more important than tickets) so you should always ensure your passport is well protected, a damaged passport can cause long unnecessary delays to your trip. After our research we have found what we believe to be the Best Leather Passport Holders that you can buy online in 2022.

What are the Different Types of Passport Holders?

Passport Holders are available in a wide range of styles from basic passport sleeves to RFID Passport Holders, The following is an explanation of the different types available.

Passport Sleeve

It comes in a mini design to allow you carry it around easily. Passport sleeve can carry more than a normal passport holder can accommodate. It is thicker hence it offers your documents maximum protection. It is sometimes referred to as a minimalist passport holder due to its design to carry all your documents in a single place. Several pockets in the passport sleeve allow it to carry different documents as well as cash while you are travelling.

Neck Passport Holder

The neck passport holder is sometimes referred to as passport bag. It features a strap which allows you to stash all your documents in one place and hang around your neck. It is a unique design for those who will like to travel in style. Some of the items you can keep in the beck passport holder include your ID, cash, credit cards among other documents you need while travelling.

Passport Wallet

It is a full size wallet which is designed to accommodate all the items you need while travelling abroad. It includes features such as pocket to store your passport, a slot where you can stash your credit card, boarding pass, pockets where you can store your cash as well as a place where you can store other travel documents. Some brands refer it to a passport travel wallet or a travel organizer wallet. Card holder and passport purse are also other names which refer to the same design of the passport holder.

Passport and Ticket Holder

It is designed to allow you travel with easy. The design allows you to have all your tickets and documents organized in one place. Allows you to walks through the airport fast as it keeps your travel document in one place. There is a section you can carry your cash making it an ideal travel wallet.

Multiple Passport Holder

If you have several travel passports, then you need a wallet where you can carry all of them conveniently. The passport holder comes with several compartments where you can have all your travel documents secured. It is also referred to as a family passport holder. For those travelling with family members, it is the right document organize you can buy to hall all the travel documents of your family members in one place for easy access when at the ports of entry.

RFID Passport Holder

RFID passport holders come with a special lining which can protect the (RFID) Radio Frequency Identification chips in the credit as well as debit cards from unwanted scanning as you pass through different identification points. Its ability to block unauthorized NFC, RFID and BLE scans; it is an ideal wallet to protect your personal information. It is also referred to as a secure passport holder as it keeps your personal information safe allowing you to enjoy peace of mind as you travel.

Scarf Passport Holder

Sometimes you may find yourself at the airport with all your hands full of luggage. In such a case you need a scarf passport holder where you can have the documents stash along your neck. It is made out of lightweight and soft materials hence it can rest nicely on your neck. It comes with a secret pocket which features a hidden zipper to hold your passport securely in place. The design ensures you will never lose your documents as you move in the busy airport.

Passport Jacket

The passport jacket comes with an interior flap which is effective in securing your passport. It can easily fit into a brief case making it easy for you to travel. You can as well have it in your handbag or pockets where you can easily reach for it before you board a plane.

Zip Travel Wallet

It comes in a slim zip around design which helps in keeping all your essentials in one place. If you are looking for a way you can neatly organize your passport, boarding pass, smartphone, currency notes, frequent flyer cards and other travel documents, then you need the zippered travel passport wallet.

What are the key Features of Passport Holders

There are several features you should take into consideration when buying the best Leather passport holders. Here are some of the factors you should take into consideration before you buy a passport holder:


When I’m shopping for a travel passport holder, I usually prefer leather. It is highly durable and can offer maximum protection to my travel documents. There are several other materials you can have in a travel document. It is necessary to check on the materials used to make the wallet so that you can make the right buying decision.


The passport holders come in different budgets. There are some big brands in the industry which will require you to pay premium price. But, there are also other less known brands but they are made out of genuine leather to assure you value for money. Always check on the features available in different wallets so that you can make an informed decision when buying.


You will not like to buy a passport holder which will tear apart when trying to retrieve your travel documents. Check on the sew quality and the materials used to make the passport holder so that you can make the right decision in your buying process. A highly durable wallet will make you realize value for money even if you will have to pay premium price.


You need a passport holder which can accommodate all your travel documents. An A5 will accommodate most travellers’ needs. But, you should shop around and decide on a product which can satisfy your documents carrying needs.

Security Features?

An anti slash fabric will protect your belongings against theft. Remember it will be hectic for you if someone steals your travel documents. You should look for a travel wallet which has safety features to protect your cash and other valuables while you are travelling. Review different products available before you decide on one which can satisfy your specific needs.

Family needs

If you need a passport holder to cater for the needs of many people such as a travelling family, then you need to look for a wallet which is designed to allow you carry several passports. There are several designs available in the market specifically made to accommodate the needs of travelling families. Remember you need a big enough wallet to hold all the travel documents for your loved ones to travel with peace of mind.

#1 Villini 100% Leather Passport Holder

Buy Now: Amazon

The Villini 100% Leather Passport Holder is designed to allow both men and women to carry their travel documents. 100% leather construction and careful crafting makes it a luxury travel document holder you can access in the market. It comes in a selection of eight colors so that you can choose the best color according to your preferences.

Genuine leather
It has consistent leather without any lining. Use of pure leather in all its construction makes the passport holder very durable. It comes in the right passport size so that you can avoid deformations on your passport due to movements in the case.

Exclusive 3D embossing
It comes with remarkable symbols and coat of arms. It is among the best products you can access in the market. As a United States citizen, the features embossed on the passport holder will remind you about your homeland whenever you are out of the country.

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#2 Fintie Passport Holder Travel Wallet RFID Blocking (PU Leather)

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The travel wallet comes in a premium fabric which assures you value for money. Use of vegan lather makes it an ideal wallet for you to buy if you adhere to vegan practices while offering a leather look and feel. RFID blocking case prevents any unwanted access to personal information as you travel. The Fintie Passport Holder also allow you to accommodate travel documents such as business cards, boarding passes, credit cards among other travel documents.

This travel wallet is Made out of polyester and synthetic PU leather
The combination of soft microfiber and leather makes the passport holder very durable.

Built in RFID Blocking
The RFID blocking technology ensures you protect all your personal information against any cases where your personal information can be mishandled. The design makes it easy for you to conveniently access your travel documents in boarder points.

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#3 Shvigel Leather Passport Cover

Buy Now: Amazon

The Shvigel Leather Passport Cover is highly versatile. It is suitable for both men and women who travel a lot. Made out of 100% leather hence it guarantees you maximum protection when travelling with sensitive documents. The manufacturers took it into consideration different factors to ensure the design is just perfect. You will have a documents organizer which you will never regret carrying around.

The following are some of the great features you get with the Shvigel leather passport cover

Just the right size
It is made to accommodate just the size of your passport. It does not leave empty space which can lead to folding of your important documents.

United States Great Seal embossing
As a proud citizen, you may prefer having a document organizer which has the great seal. The design comes with the great seal so that you can board any plane and people will know you are from the United States.

Durable leather construction
The use of genuine leather makes the passport holder very durable. You will travel with peace of mind knowing everything is okay upon buying the travel document holder.

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#4 Genuines Leather Passport Holders

Buy Now: Amazon

The Genuines Leather Passport Holders are specifically designed to meet the needs of both men and women. You can carry up to two passports hence it is suitable for couples travelling abroad. It is carefully crafted and designed in Europe to assure you quality. Pure crazy horse leather construction ensures you achieve value for your money upon buying the passport holder.

You can use the passport holder for several years but it will never let you down. If you are travelling with your family members where you need to accommodate several travel documents, the limited space can restrict you.

Features of the Genuines Leather passport holder

  • Fashionable & stylish
    When travelling, you will have to go through the passport control points where you need to get out your passport. The remarkable design makes it a great product you can have in place. It is careful crafted with several features which make it a great addition to your fashion accessories.
  • Small but mighty
    It is small but can accommodate all your travel documents. In just the small wallet, you can have your US passport, ID card, credit cards, and your driver’s license.  All the items you need when travelling can be kept in the wallet.
  • Great gift idea
    If you will like to give a gift to someone who loves travelling, then buying the passport holder will be a great idea. It is highly durable with all the features which travellers love

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#5 GDTK Leather Passport Holder

Buy Now: Amazon

The GDTK Leather Passport Holder comes with RFID blocking technology so that you can avoid unwanted scrutiny while travelling. Premium synthetic leather interior and exterior assures you a durable product. Careful selection of materials assures you protection against abrasions and dust.

Lightweight and slimThere is no unnecessary bulk or weight while you are travelling. The slim design ensures you only carry what you need when out travelling.

Highly secureYou have an RFID blocking wallet so that each time you pass near people with spying devices you will never lose your personal information.

Practical slotsThe slots allow you to accommodate your business cards, passports, credit cards among other documents you need while travelling. There is a variety of bright colors for you to choose.

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#6 SanSiDo RFID Blocking Leather Passport Holder

Buy Now: Amazon

Full grain leather construction makes the travel wallet highly durable. The leather used is genuine. There is a big difference between the full grain leather used and the other competitors in the market. The SanSiDo RFID Blocking Leather Passport Holder ideal wallet for those looking for pure leather.  It comes with all the features you need when traveling including different pockets that can accommodate your credit cards among other items as you travel.

Other features include RFID blocking and a fashionable gold foil design with various travel quotes such as “Let the Adventure Begin”. A range of colors is also available making it suitable for Woman, Mens and Kids. 

This Leather Passport Holder from SanSiDo would make a perfect addition to your next vacation or trip and can be picked up at Amazon.

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#7 Visconti Hunter 732 RFID Blocking Leather Passport Holder

Buy Now: Amazon

The Vicsonti Hunter Leather Passport Holder is made using pure soft leather ensures the wallet can easily fit in your pocket and also offer credit card slots, side and top pockets. This passport wallet includes RFID Blocking technology that can block all attempts to interfere with your personal information as you travel. 

The RFID technology employed can block 125 KHz, 900 MHz and 13.56 MHz hence making it a secure system. We love the simplistic design of the Visconti Hunter and it would make a great addition to your next business trip or vacation. It is available to be purchased on Amazon.

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#8 Banuce Italian Leather Passport Card Holder

Buy Now: Amazon

The travel wallet is made out of genuine Italian leather to assure you the best protection. There are several color options available to assure you the best design. It is safe and convenient for you to organize your travel documents. 

The Banuce Leather Passport Holder is easy to organize as it comes with several slots to accommodate up to two passports, making it great for couples but not for family travel.

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