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16 Best Luxury Travel Blogs (Updated 2021)

We have searched online and found what we believe to be the best Luxury Travel Blogs for you to follow in 2021.

A lot of the travel blogs you come across are setup by younger travelers trying to make their money (and travel) last as long as possible by offering tips on how to save money traveling.

For a lot of people luxury travel is more of their style, they have worked hard and now require a little luxury during their vacations. These Luxury blogs offer tips and information on how to ensure your next trip is as luxurious as you can imagine.

The blogs look at Luxury Hotels, Amazing Destinations, Luxury Shopping Guides, World class restaurants and fantastic bars and nightclubs where you let your hair down and enjoy the finer things in life. We have searched online and found what we believe to be the best Luxury Travel Blogs for you to follow in 2021.

#1 Luxe Adventure Traveler: Adventure Travel With a Glass of Wine

Luxe Adventure Traveler is a luxury travel blog run by Jennifer and Tim, professional travel writers who love adventure and wine. The couple have visited over 60 countries across 4 continents and are currently based in Bordeaux, France.

#6 The Style Traveller: A Fashion Editor’s Style Guide

Bonnie Rakhit visits the worlds most stylish places and discovers great places to eat, shop, sleep and hang out. Bonnie is a former fashion editor at Elle Magazine and collaborates with some of the most luxurious brands. 

Destinations include exotic beaches, spa retreats and hip festivals. Articles include hotel reviews, fashion and style, restaurants and bars and clubs. 

#11 The Aussie Flashpacker: Family Travel and Lifestyle Blog

A collaboration of Simone and Dan along with their mutual love for travelling led to the formation of The Aussie Flashpacker. A simple blog soon turned into a lifestyle and a decade later, they have visited all the six continents with their website offering all kinds of tips and advice on travelling and nomadic lifestyle. On a quest to complete their bucket list of 130 destinations, they continue sharing great experiences as they explore new locations.

#16 The Blonde Abroad: Luxury Travel

Kiersten is a Californian who left her corporate career to make her globetrotting dreams a reality. Since then, she has managed to tour over 50 countries in 6 continents and cross out a bunch of things from her bucket list. She has interestingly turned The Blonde Abroad—which features tons of resources for the solo female traveler—from a personal travel diary into one of her biggest sources of income. 

Kiersten’s blog focuses on luxury travel tips but occasionally dabbles in backpacking and travel photography. Her content is more guide-like and less like a memoir, and is filled with golden tips in various subjects such as staying healthy while traveling, places to see in various luxury destinations, and cuisines worth trying at every location she has been to.


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