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10 Best New York Things to See, Eat and Drink (Updated 2023)

These are the 10 things that you simply have to do in NYC, so make sure to write them all down or simply bookmark this article.

Who here doesn’t want to go to New York for the first time and experience the Gossip Girl life for at least a couple of days? Well, probably the ones who didn’t watch Gossip Girl, but if you play at least one episode there’s no way in Hell that you wouldn’t want to have this experience. So, if you’re planning on going to the NYC for the first (or second, or third) time, you should definitely bookmark this amazing bucket list.

These are the 10 things that you simply have to do in NYC, so make sure to write them all down or simply bookmark this article. Trust us, they’re excellent. And once you check all these tips from the list, write to us and say what you think of them!

#1 See a show on Broadway

Broadway might not be the main reason why you’re visiting New York, but it would be such a shame to be there and not see one show in this amazing place. Yes, it can be a bit pricey, especially if you didn’t plan to be there, but you can also save this tip for your second time in NYC. The good thing is that you have a plethora of shows to choose from and they all differ in price, so you will be able to find something that you would like. Our tip is to go and see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, if there are any tickets left, that is.

#2 Visit a teeny tiny bar in Manhattan

When you go to Paris, you’ll definitely visit one of its many patisseries and have a nice croissant. In the same manner, you simply have to visit one of the many dark and small bars in Manhattan, as the experience is unforgettable. If you’re a beer lover then you should definitely check out the underground Rabbit Club on Macdougal Street. It’s extremely small and dark but definitely worth it.

#3 Try a good NYC cocktail

If a place offers the widest range of cocktails, and it’s known for the best cocktails in the world – well, you’re thinking New York City, baby! If you hit a club or happening where some of the best practitioners of mixology in NYC are serving cocktails, don’t miss it out as you’ll be mind-blown. It just won’t do to be there and not try the best that this city has to offer, right?

#4 See Old City Hall Station

You can go anywhere in the world and try fancy restaurant, but what about an abandoned railway station? First of all, the Old City Hall Station is extremely photogenic, and all of your photos taken there will be mesmerizing. Secondly, it really is a sight that you want to see at least once in your lifetime. You have to know how to get there, but once you manage you’ll see why it was worth it.

#5 The obvious – Central Park

Get that Home Alone feel (especially if it’s winter, but Central Park is magical in all the seasons of course), and take a walk through the park. There’s something in getting lost there as well, as you will get to discover all the corners of this extraordinary place.

#6 Try New York street food

Surely you will see a street food truck anywhere you turn, and eating at one of the best street food joints is a must. Make sure to know where to eat, though, as not everything is tasty and sanitary. But the ones which are, should definitely be on your bucket list.

#7 Visit a NYC museum

If you’re an alternative soul, then visiting a museum is a great way to start your NYC experience. The first museum that you could check out is the New Museum of Contemporary Art, which is very close to the Lower East Side. Another option is the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) which was founded in 1870. The museum is home to more than 5,000 years of art, so you will most certainly find something that you’ll like and enjoy.

#8 Go Out

The party in New York never ends, and we will not give you any tips on where to go to party – you can either do your homework online before going there, or simply take a walk and bump into one of its many clubs. This is the magic of NYC, you will find something excellent around any corner, and going with a plan just doesn’t work (especially when partying is concerned).

#9 Eat at Coney Island

Bring those Lana Del Rey feels and be the Queen (or King) of Coney Island. Yes, you will see a lot of tourists there, but then again – so what? It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you simply have to have in your memory book. The first thing you should do is ride the Cyclone (face your fear of heights!) and then eat some tacos.

#10 Hit a Gay beach

And finally, for all the LGBTQ members (or anyone who loves this lifestyle), the next stop should be the Riis Beach, the loudest, liveliest and most colorful part of NYC. Disclaimer: Expect few clothes and lot of skin!


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