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14 Best Solo Female Travel Blogs (Updated 2023)

If you’ve already got your backpack and passport ready, here are best solo female travel blogs to encourage, inspire, and guide you through your new adventures.

Traveling alone can provide some of the most fulfilling and life-changing experiences anyone can ever have. Nothing beats the thrill of following the open road to wherever it takes you, all the while soaking in every new encounter and enjoying the deep satisfaction you get from ticking things off your travel bucket list.

If you’ve already got your backpack and passport ready, here are best solo female travel blogs to encourage, inspire, and guide you through your new adventures.

Best Female Solo Travel Blogs

#1 The Blonde Abroad: Solo Female Travel Blog

Kiersten is a Californian who left her corporate career to make her globetrotting dreams a reality. Since then, she has managed to tour over 50 countries in 6 continents and cross out a bunch of things from her bucket list. She has interestingly turned The Blonde Abroad—which features tons of resources for the solo female traveler—from a personal travel diary into one of her biggest sources of income.

Kiersten’s blog focuses on luxury travel tips but occasionally dabbles in backpacking and travel photography. Her content is more guide-like and less like a memoir, and is filled with golden tips in various subjects such as staying healthy while traveling, places to see in various destinations, and cuisines worth trying at every location she has been to. Her blog post 20 Trips to Take in Your 20s is like a map of incredible destinations that every first-time traveler should absolutely visit in their lifetime.

#2 Ashley Abroad: Solo Female Travel & Travel Tips

From backpacking through Europe, India, and Asia for a whole year to occasionally burying herself in books, Ashley’s interests are diverse. However, her love for traveling has equipped her with essential experience and expansive knowledge in the nuances of being a solo female traveler.

She has written extensively about what it is like to live in Africa, among other places, and is one of the few bloggers out there with the chops to teach others how to balance a full-time job with a life on the open road. Her mostly practical travel blog consists of articles on things like the best shoes to wear when traveling to tips on becoming an au pair in different countries as a way of making some extra cash. She had however dedicated most of her blog to making the life of the solo traveler much easier by providing insightful tips such as in her article; 12 Travel Accessories That Drastically Improve Long-Term Travel.

#3 Pearls and Passports: Solo Female Travel Blog

Stephanie put the brakes on her successful career as a podiatrist, overcame her fears about traveling solo, and became an inspiration to many solo female travelers who have since borrowed a page or two from her. She admits that traveling alone has not been the easiest of experiences but she has never regretted her decision to tackle the open road.

Her blog is a recollection of her journey as she travels and occasionally backpacks through destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. She describes her experiences at a number of the places she’s been to with writing that is full of warmth and also detailed richly to give her readers a sense of being there with her. Her posts—far from being of the run-of-the-mill variety—invite the reader to look at these destinations from a new perspective and in a way that excellently portrays things that can only be experienced by someone who has visited those places. Her blog also serves as a useful tool for travelers looking to book accommodations beforehand.

#4 Helen in Wonderlust: Africa Travel Blog & African Adventure

Helen is an event manager who had her heart set on seeking out new experiences from the word go. Her approach to solo traveling for the female explorer is as practical as it gets as she doles out useful tips and various insights on solo female traveling.

Her blog contains a mixture of fun recollections as she describes her adventures through Africa and other parts of the world, and practical guides to things like planning your dream trip, getting travel insurance, places to visit, where to get the best culinary experiences, and a very detailed city guide for her hometown, Liverpool. Her passion for Africa is one that is mirrored in several of her posts which have been dedicated to hiking, backpacking, or traveling through the wild continent. Her post on becoming a full-time blogger—When One Door Closes…On Becoming a Full-Time Travel Blogger —is very useful for solo travelers looking to make a career out of it.

#5 Adventurous Kate: The Solo Female Travel Blog

Adventurous Kate is a solo female travel blog about Kate from Boston, USA. Like a lot of other travel bloggers Kate quit her job in 2010 at the age of 26  and set off on a world of Adventure and hasn’t looked back. She has traveled everywhere from Australia to Vietnam and has covered almost 60 different countries.

Her Blog Adventurous Kate include great articles, accommodation advise and other fantastic reviews,  there is also a great travel resources page offering links to Cheap Flights, Accommodation, Insurance and Travel Gear. Kate is a full time blogger who regularly posts great articles including Where to Stay in Barcelona — Best Neighborhoods and Accommodation.

The website design isn’t as good as some of the other travel blogs and looks like it could do with a refresh however the content is amazing, packed full of great information and fantastic colorful photography. Kate has a great social media following including over 50K followers on Facebook as well as a great following on Twitter, Youtube, Linked In and Google +

The Adventurous Kate blog is one of our favorite solo travel blogs and the articles continue to be interesting and packed full of information.

#6 The Boutique Adventurer

The Boutique Adventurer is the the brainchild of Amanda O’Brien, an Aussie currently living in London who is a frequent traveler while also enjoying a little luxury in her life. This fantastic travel blog includes great articles on destinations from Australia to Tunisia and everywhere in between.

Amanda has visited over 70 countries and she likes to travel with friends, families as well as solo which is unusual for travel blogs who normally only cover 1 niche area.  Some The articles covered on this blog include Iceland Travel Tips: Top 10 Things You Need to Know which makes me want to visit Iceland even more. We also loved the Namibia Self Drive: 10 night itinerary that will give you wanderlust for your next African adventure

The Boutique Adventurer also includes some great travel tips, and reviews of some business class airlines and luxury hotels. There are also some good tips for solo travelers including Holidays for One: Best Organised Tours for Single Travel.

The website design looks good without getting to cluttered which is an issue with some other blog design. Amanda has a great following on most of the social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. If you love to trek during the day while also enjoying the night time creature comforts then this is a great blog to follow.

#8 The Shooting Star: Just a girl who travels

Shivya Nath’s is a story of fulfilling childhood curiosities and ambitions. Ever since quitting her corporate job 6 years ago, she has been on the road searching for new adventures and regaling her readers with all of her wonderful experiences. She leads a fully nomadic lifestyle and works from the road to support her soul’s desire to backpack through every country in the world.

From insightful travel guides to lucid introductions into the life of a full-time solo female traveler, her blog is as resourceful as it is entertaining to read for anyone curious about a life on the road. She captures the essence of every location she visits with beautifully written posts about their lesser-known aspects, making the reader more intrigued about sharing her experiences. Her blog also contains a very helpful Responsible Travel section that the solo female traveler will find very useful in the course of her adventures.

#9 A Dangerous Business: Female Travel Blog

Amanda’s memoirs of the magical time she’s spent on the road belie her small town origins. An avid J.R.R. Tolkien fan (which is where she got the inspiration for her blog’s title), she is a passionate but very unique traveler who has managed to strike a balance between her love for the open road, a full-time job, and her beloved cat.

A Dangerous Experiences is a solo female travel blog centered on her slightly offbeat experiences as she travels to epic destinations. Her homey descriptions of the places she’s been to outline a major (possibly life-changing) experience she’s had at every destination, such as her nail-biting experience on a mountainside in Iceland.

Besides these lucidly written posts, she has also made several posts specifically for the solo female traveler, such as Top 9 Questions about Solo Travel Answered  which debunks several myths surrounding solo female travel in addition to providing a few nuggets of wisdom.

#10 Keep Calm and Travel: Stop Dreaming, Start Moving

At the age of 35, Clelia bought herself a one-way ticket to Bangkok where her nomadic lifestyle kicked off in earnest. She has since had an on-and-off relationship with the open road which has led her to beautiful Cambodia, Thailand (where she worked as a ballet teacher for 5 months), and the magical Philippines. She is a full-time travel blogger with a world of experience on the places to visit, what to do there, and how to have the time of your life as a solo female traveler on the road.

Her blog is a collection of well-researched guides based on her personal experiences, tales of her most exciting experiences at wonderful destinations, places to visit if you want to see natural phenomenon such as the Northern Lights, and useful travel items for the solo traveler.

#11 Bucket List Journey: Tools & Inspiration to Live Your List

Annette and her husband Peter own a trattoria with lots of employees, which gives them plenty of time to fulfill their dream of traveling the world in search of new experiences. Bucket List Journey is a story told in her eyes about her adventures through the waters of Palau, the streets of Thailand, rain forests in Costa Rica, and her zany experience with swimming pigs in the sunny Bahamas.

More than anything, this blog is about getting over the travel jitters any first-time solo female traveler might have about chasing their dreams. True to form, Bucket List Journey is simply a long list of things Annette wishes to do in her lifetime, a fair amount of which have already been checked off. She constantly updates the list and carefully details each and every one of her experiences, such as Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Vineyards of Northern California, in a manner that makes all her readers develop itchy feet.

#12 Rocky Travel Guide: Women Travellers Over 50

Michela paints the Australian outback in colors you’ve never seen before in this useful guide for the solo traveler exploring Australia. Born in Italy, she discovered her natural affinity for learning foreign languages which, by the age of 35, had made her fluent in German, English, Italian, and Spanish.

Her love for foreign dialects eventually burgeoned into a desire to experience foreign cultures, a path that gradually led her to the rocky Australian outback. Since leaving her 9-to-5 job in 2004, she has spent the last 13 years of her life teaching women like herself the benefits of traveling solo in addition to creating interesting memoirs about her backpacking journey through Australia.

Her blog is by far the most useful for the beginner solo traveler (regardless of the destination) since it offers helpful tips on how to pack, must-visit destinations, where to get accommodation, and staying safe on the road. Australia Travel Tips is a comprehensive travel guide for anyone looking to explore Australia for the first time.

#13 Girl vs Globe: Sole Female Travel Blog

Girl vs. Globe is Sabina’s attempt to recreate her experiences on the open road using stunning photography woven with the tales of her enthralling experiences. Her story takes us through her journey from her homeland in the Czech Republic to her current home in Scotland during which she fulfilled her childhood dream to travel the world.

Sabina takes her readers through earth-shattering experiences using nothing but exquisite photography that is good enough to make anyone catch the travel bug. Far from being just eye-candy, her blog contains useful guides through famous cities such as Budapest for the solo female traveler, tips on how travelers can make their Instagram pages as stunning as hers, and how to turn travel memoirs into a successful travel blog. Among the popular posts, 10 Ways to Take Photos of Yourself When Travelling Solo is a great beginner’s guide to creating stunning photo memories while on the road.

#14 Carrot Quinn – Dispatches from the wild

Dispatches from the wild is a travel blog created by Carrot Quinn who is a 34 year old Alaskan that has fallen into long distance hiking. This awesome travel blog has a very detailed account of her various hikes including the Pacific Crest Trail (Twice) , The Continental Divide Trail and Wyoming’s spectacular Wind River High Route.

If you have a look at the about me page you will see the life lived by Carrot before discovering her love of hiking. You can read amazing stories of hitchhiking around North America and time spent riding freight trains and dumpster diving for food. The posts that she currently writes on the blog offer you a insight into this past life and how it has molded her into the person she is now. To get a taste of some of the best articles on the blog you can see Some of her best stuff which offers a collection of blog posts, podcasts and fiction.

As mentioned earlier Carrot Quinn has twice walked the Pacific Crest Trail which is a mammoth 2,660 mile trail stretching from Mexico to Canada. Even more amazingly was the fact that this was her first long distance trail, after completing it she decided to write a book Thru-Hiking Will Break Your Heart which is available on Amazon.

#15 Hippie in Heels: Travel Blog – Hippie In Heels

Hippie in heels is a travel blog by Rachel Jones, a solo traveller hailing from Ohio. Her blogs feature a fun and hip way of travelling and amusing shopping destinations around the globe.

Readers can get many tips from traveling responsibly to what to buy and where to how to protect themselves from the harsh climates that first time travelers might encounter in stranger countries.


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