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8 Best Travel Hair Dryers (Updated in 2023)

Best Travel Hair Dryers 2021 – Buying Guide and Reviews

I was setting off on a new trip in September 2020 and needed a new portable travel hair dryer. That is why I have created a list of Best Travel Hair Dryers to buy in 2023.

After hours of research online and viewing hundreds of different travel hair dryers, I have done all the hard work for you and shortlisted the top hair dryers that I recommend you consider to buy right now. When you’re traveling, having a great hair dryer can make all the difference in the world. In addition to helping you feel comfortably put together while between flights or on the road, it needs to work well with the rest of your travel kit on several levels: storage space, compatibility with international electrical systems, and more.

The best hair dryers for travel will do all this and more! However, finding the best hair dryers can be difficult. There are literally thousands on the market and across such a wide variety of price points that it can make the average travel enthusiast’s head spin. Read on to find out how to save money and enjoy traveling more by choosing the best of the best hair dryers for travel!

Travel Hair Dryers Buying Guide

What to look for when buying the best hair dryer for travel? Most people when looking to buy a travel hair dryer tend to limit their search for small and compact units. Size is an important factor as you always have limited space in your baggage, however it shouldn’t be the only thing you look for. Travellers need to ensure that any blow dryer they buy will work in all the countries they are visiting. Plug types and voltage vary across the globe so this needs to be considered to ensure it actually works when you plug it into the wall. Some hair dryers will adjust the voltage automatically or you can rely on one the many types of separate travel power adapters available. In the next section we look at the key features you need to consider when choosing the correct travel hair dryer for your needs. When searching through the various hair dryer models available to buy online you need to answer the following questions.

What size hair dryer do you need?

Picking the smallest Hair Dryer you can find is not usually the best option. Look for models that suit your travel style and destination As mentioned above the size of the hair dryer is an important consideration when travelling, however it can also depend on what type of traveler you are. If you stay in hotels and have heaps of baggage then you can usually fit in any size hair dryer without needing to look at compact models. Travelers who like to pack a little lighter or backpack the globe as light as possible need to look for a compact unit that folds down and is easy to carry. Consider how much luggage you will have and where you are visiting when looking to make your purchase.

Do you need varied settings for heat and speed?

Some of the cheaper and more compact travel hair dryers may not offer multiple speed and heat options, this is fine for some travelers and a nightmare for others. Multiple speed and heat setting help to prevent damage by allowing the user to reduce the speed and heat based on their hair type. Sometimes just having a diffuser will help by spreading the airflow. Again the requirement for multiple speed and heat settings can be up to your own personal preferences and hair length and type. Make you you consider the best travel hair dryer that is most suitable to you. Some hair dryers offer users a wide variety of controls, while others try to keep it simple. For example, many feature a cool blast button for applying cool air to finish styles. Still others offer separate dials or switches for heat and speed. Users that like to switch up their hairstyles often will prefer more versatile models, while those who generally stick with a more tried and true hairstyle will prefer the simpler operation of devices with fewer options.

Power – More power means that hair will be dried more quickly. However, some users prefer lower power because lower speed and heat are less likely to disturb intricate styles, or for environmental or economic reasons.

What is the voltage compatibility of your destination?

Anyone who has traveled abroad will know that the standard voltage for electricity in hotels and homes changes from place to place based on a variety of factors. Hair dryers that are designed for only one voltage simply won’t do for international travel, but for those who prefer to travel domestically, the savings when buying a single-voltage hair dryer may be worth the sacrifice. In addition, there are plenty of voltage adapter kits out there to be had at a variety of price points and levels of quality and special features. Even if you do end up with a hair dryer that is compatible with multiple voltages, having one of these kits is never a bad idea, because you never know what else you might need to power in a foreign land with foreign electrical outlets.

How much are you willing to spend?

Most people automatically assume that the more you pay the better you get. Sometimes cheap means that the items is manufactured using poor materials, in a low quality factory with little to no quality control. Items like this are usually easy to spot and should be avoided as they can be extremely unsafe and in the case of hair dryers lead to injury or potential fire. That said not all low price items fall into that category, sometimes you can get really good quality at a bargain price. Shop around and look for models that may have just been upgrading which means they are potentially on sale.

You can get really good quality travel hair dryers at a bargain price by shopping around various online stores. Visit Amazon for some great bargains on travel hair dryers.

Like most items, hair Dryers can range in price from extremely cheap to ridiculously expensive depending on the brand and sometimes marketing campaign use to sell it to you. If you are a regular traveler then maybe your budget can stretch a little further as you will be using your hair dryer on a daily basis. You need to ensure that the model you buy will last the distance. Make sure you consider your budget when choosing your next travel hair dryer and also consider the frequency of use. Buying a good hair dryer is never easy, especially when it’s for a specialized use such as traveling. By considering a few key points and questions, though, virtually anyone can be sure to get a hair dryer that suits their own personal tastes. There are a few key areas where hair dryer manufacturers seek to differentiate their products from one another. Determining which of these areas matters most to you personally and learning a bit about each one can help you make the right decision for you.

What attachments do you need? 

If you are a regular user of hair dryers then you know the various attachments that are available, this is no different for travel hair dryers. You just need to make the decision which attachments you desperately need and which one you can live without while on vacation, each attachment adds a little bit more weight and space to your baggage. Do you really need your diffuser for a weekend away? What about 4 weeks?

Do you need frizz control?

Because artificially drying hair can provoke frizz, many hair dryers have created and utilized a variety of technologies to prevent this from occurring. These include ionic technology and ceramic coatings, among other things. While most hair dryers have at least some anti-frizz feature, the level and variety of features vary widely. If you dry your hair every day, or if you have naturally curly or chemically treated hair, additional anti-frizz precautions may help keep you looking your best.

Make sure you consider safety and durability

All travel hair dryers consume a high amount of energy making them a potential risk of catching fire. Look for only quality manufacturers. Hair dryers consume large amounts of energy and create a lot of heat. It is extremely important to look for a good quality and well known manufacturers. As mentioned earlier cheaper models may pose the risk of catching on fire and risking your health and safety.

Look for folding Hair Dryers to save space – If you like to pack light or if your bags are already full, a folding hair dryer can save the day. Some folding hair dryers also allow for a larger overall size and greater power while still taking up only a small amount of space in luggage.  

#1 BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

The BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer is made for travel above all else, with a design focused on keeping the product both lightweight and durable. It’s also small enough to fit comfortably in virtually any suitcase or tote bag.

While it does offer a compelling dual voltage feature that makes it usable virtually the world over, it does clock in at a slightly lower power rating than some of the other hair dryers popular with avid travelers, meaning users of this device may have to spend a bit longer drying their hair each day.

That being said, its versatility and its lightweight construction make it an easy product to recommend, and its use of far-infrared technology helps offset its lower power consumption. The lower power usage might also be a plus for those who plan to use it at home as well as abroad. 

Check out the latest price on Amazon.

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#2 Revlon 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer

Revlon is obviously a well-known name in the world of hair care, and this travel hair dryer seeks to bring everything Revlon is celebrated for in the smallest and most efficient possible package. Designed to take up very little room in a suitcase or cosmetics bag, this compact but powerful hair dryers looks and feels great.

Its dual voltage worldwide compatibility and patented 3x ceramic coating help users reduce frizz just about anywhere in the world—anywhere there’s electricity, of course.

Unfortunately, it does not have separate heat and speed controls, but it does feature a cool button to mitigate this. The fantastic Revlon 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer is available online at Amazon.

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#3 Andis 1600 Watt MicroTurbo Dual Voltage Hair Dryer

The MicroTurbo from Andis sports one of the most lightweight and easy to use constructions available on the market, and its extraordinarily small size makes it easy to pack and easy to manipulate during usage.

Its design is also very aesthetically pleasing, meaning users can look highly fashionable even while getting ready for another day of travel adventure.

Its 1600 watts of “micro turbo” power mean that drying hair is a breeze, but this higher power consumption may slightly put off those who plan to use it at home as well as while on the move, or those who put environmental consciousness first and foremost on their travel must-haves. 

The Andis MicroTurbo dual voltage hair dryer is now available online at Amazon.

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#4 Remington D5000 Compact Ionic Hair Dryer

The Remington name is legendary in the hair care world, and the manufacturer’s D5000 Compact Ionic Hair Dryer is no exception to the brand’s history of innovation. In addition to its sleek design, it boasts some special features that are sure to please haircare obsessed travel enthusiasts.

One of the D5000’s key features is its separate heat and air flow speed controls, allowing for complete customization of the hair drying experience. To top it all off, this model also features a cool blast button.

The Remington D5000 is also available in a wide variety of colors to suit varied tastes among travel enthusiasts with good hair, and also features an energy-conserving Eco setting that makes it draw less power.

If you want complete control over your hair drying experience, the Remington D5000 may just be the best choice for you. That being said, it is a bit more complicated to operate than some hair dryers, which may put off a few potential users here and there. 

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#5 Jinri 1000 Watt Lightweight Ionic Ceramic Concentrator Nozzle

This model from manufacturer Jinri is one of the sleekest, most stylish options featured in this article, and can also fit easily in any suitcase or travel bag—and to make things even better, it fits easily in the hand as well.

Featuring a cool air button sets it slightly apart, but the real special feature here is its detachable concentrator nozzle, which allows the user to focus air on a particular area. This can speed up the drying process quite a bit (especially for those with shorter hair), and also makes it much easier to pull off more intricate styles.

It also features a removable lint cap for making cleaning easier—a must when traveling. As much as we don’t like to admit it, we all get a little messy when flying or taking a road trip. 

Buy the Jinri 1000 Watt Lightweight Ionic Ceramic Concentrator Nozzle Dryer online at Amazon.

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#6 Parwin Pro Straightener and Blow Dryer Set

The big advantage of this offering from haircare brand Parwin is that it features both a hair dryer and a straightener, all at one comfortably midrange price point. This combination of hair dryer and flat iron makes it much easier to experiment with your personal style even while traveling. Both items are also durably constructed and designed to fit easily into virtually any bag.

The dryer also features a convenient concentrator nozzle, while the flat iron sports a ceramic plate to help you avoid frizz.

While some users have worried about customer service from such a new, small beauty company, the products seem to be so well manufactured and designed that customer service is rarely a necessity. 

Buy the Parwin Pro Straightener and Blow Dryer Set for your next trip online at Amazon.

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#7 Conair MiniPRO Travel Hair Dryer TS263

Everyone who knows hair dryers knows massive brand Conair, which creates hair dryers and other haircare products for virtually every need and budget. The Mini Pro is one of Conair’s premium travel-focused designs, and boasts an incredibly small size and low weight in addition to all the control and comfort features fans have come to expect from Conair.

To make things just a bit better, the Mini Pro is available in a wide variety of color options to suit virtually every taste, and the model’s power is also well-respected throughout the industry.

When buying from a larger, more established brand like Conair, many travelers worry they won’t get the best price. However, the Mini Pro is priced at a fair, budget-friendly price point that’s sure to please. 

Buy the Conair MiniPRO Travel Hair Dryer TS263 online at Amazon.

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#8 Berta 1875 Watt Travel Dryer

This offering from Berta seeks to provide all the best features that experienced and new travelers alike expect from hair dryers designed specifically for the travel market.

In addition to its folding handle, the product features separate heat/voltage controls and speed controls, along with a cool blast button. The device is incredibly small and lightweight, and the whole package is available at a steal of a price from major retailers.

While this item is just a bit larger than some of the others featured so far in this article, it is travel-friendly because of its ability to fold, and it also features very high overall power for a travel hair dryer. 

Buy the Berta 1875 Watt Travel Dryer on Amazon.

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