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Borealis Basecamp, Fairbanks, Alaska

Located just twenty-five miles from Fairbanks, Borealis Basecamp is a perfect getaway. The hotel was founded as a way of sharing with the world Alaska’s magical scenery. The camp is secluded and completely surrounded by nature, it is perfect if you are looking for somewhere to completely escape.

The camp has a transparent ceiling that allows you to enjoy the stars and the Aurora Borealis as you fade off to sleep each night. The ceiling is a 16-foot curved window that allow you to enjoy wonderful horizon view from your bed. The domes are located on a north facing ridge at 1200 metres.

Borealis Basecamp allows you to enjoy the magical view of the sky on your very cozy, comfortable and luxurious bed. The domes in which the guests spend the night are very spacious. They come with a small kitchenette where you can prepare your own meals.

If you are looking for the perfect Fairbanks Northern Lights escape you cannot go past the amazing Borealis Basecamp.


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Written by Richard Ascough

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