Aimku Large Beach Bag with Top Zipper (4/10)

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This bright, casual, fun bag will look great both on the beach and on a flight, as it brings both functionality and a pop of color to the table. The bag’s simple but eye-catching design will appeal to the exuberance of youth and experience of tradition alike.

In addition, its strongly constructed canvas exterior is both rip and water resistant, meaning your belongings will never simply be exposed to the elements. The top zipper is secure enough to tightly close the bag, but also moves with ease whenever you need it to.

As a canvas bag, it’s extremely lightweight as well as durable, meaning it’s great for all sorts of travel: no matter how far you walk up the beach or how long you wait at airport security, this bag is highly unlikely to fatigue you.

There’s also a sealed pocket that’s great for protecting valuables, as well as your phone and wallet, even more than everything already is by the nature of the bag itself.

However, I do wish there were a few more interior compartments to help you organize your belongings for travel. As a beach bag, it works great, but for really long trips or flying with children you might want something that provides just a bit more in the way of organizational capacity.

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