Berlin Reichstag, Plenary Chamber, Cupola & Government Tour (11/11)

Tour the Berlin government district and visit the Reichstag building inside. Learn about the history, architecture, and everyday politics before visiting the plenary chamber and dome of the Reichstag.

  • Enjoy a guided tour through the Berlin government district along the River Spree
  • See the Federal Chancellery and the Berlin Wall Memorial
  • Visit the inside of the Reichstag building in Berlin.
  • Take part in an informative lecture on the tribune of the plenary chamber
  • Visit the panoramic roof terrace and glass dome of the Reichstag building

The Berlin 2-Hour Tour of Government District & Reichstag offers participants a guided exploration of the city’s government district, with a particular emphasis on the Reichstag building. Led by a knowledgeable guide, the tour provides insights into the political and historical significance of these locations.

The tour usually begins at a designated meeting point near the Reichstag building. Participants will have the opportunity to visit and learn about key sites within the government district, such as the Bundeskanzleramt (Federal Chancellery), the Paul-Löbe-Haus, and the Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus. The guide shares informative commentary about the architecture, history, and functions of these buildings.

The highlight of the tour is the visit to the Reichstag building, which is home to the German Parliament. Participants will have the chance to explore the famous glass dome, designed by architect Norman Foster, which offers panoramic views of Berlin. The guide provides historical context and shares details about the building’s significance, including its destruction during World War II and subsequent reconstruction.

Throughout the tour, the guide offers insights into the German political system and the democratic processes that take place in the government district. Visitors will gain a deeper understanding of Germany’s political landscape, the role of the Bundestag (Parliament), and the country’s governance. Book Now

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Written by Richard Ascough

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