Berlin Small-Group Third Reich and Cold War Walking Tour (3/11)

Discover Berlin’s story on a 2-hour guided walking tour. Start from Brandenburg Gate on a route which encompasses a long stretch of the Berlin Wall which still stands 30 years after it was toppled.

  • Visit all the major historical hotpots in the unique city of Berlin
  • Discover stories and learn facts about recent history from your guide
  • Step back in time as you walk along a 200-meter section of the Berlin wall
  • Become an expert on Berlin during the Third Reich and the Cold War
  • Make history tangible through encountering palpable historical sources

The Berlin Small Group Third Reich and Cold War Walking Tour offers an in-depth exploration of the city’s historical significance during the Third Reich and Cold War periods. Led by an expert guide, this small-group tour provides a comprehensive understanding of Berlin’s past and its impact on the world.

During the tour, you’ll visit key landmarks and sites associated with the Third Reich, such as the former site of Hitler’s bunker and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. The guide will offer insights into the rise and fall of the Nazi regime, sharing stories and historical context.

The tour also covers the Cold War era, with a focus on the Berlin Wall and its impact on the city and its inhabitants. You’ll visit the Berlin Wall Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie, learning about the division of East and West Berlin and the stories of those affected by the barrier.

Throughout the tour, the guide will provide detailed explanations, anecdotes, and historical facts, allowing you to grasp the complexities and significance of these tumultuous periods. This small-group setting ensures an intimate experience and the opportunity to engage with the guide, asking questions and delving deeper into the topics of discussion.

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Written by Richard Ascough

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