Betsey Johnson Women’s Dip Satchel with Removable Pouch (8/10)

Brand: Betsey Johnson

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This offering from popular designer Betsey Johnson brings together a great bit of tradition and a little youthful rebellion in its aesthetics, while also bringing all the functionality you expect from a travel purse.

Its lined interior is great for protecting anything you need from jostling on a flight or train journey, and is also divided into smaller pockets that make storing things of various sizes and shapes much easier. However, these pockets never get in the way of things or make the bag overly difficult to use, which is a big plus for those of you used to bags with just one main storage compartment.

The bag’s storage space is solid, if not extraordinary. While it’s not great for carrying a full size laptop, it should hold a travel laptop quite nicely, and certainly provides for than enough space for a wallet, makeup, and other necessities.

One of the other primary features is its removable pouch, which is great for carrying cosmetics or toiletries. On top of that, the removable pouch looks great, too!

With its comfortable 5 inch drop for carrying by hand and removeable 23 inch drop shoulder strap, it’ll be easy to hold onto and maneuver in virtually any situation. While I do wish it offered just a bit more storage space, I can’t recommend this bag highly enough.

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Written by Richard Ascough

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