Bucket List Journey: Tools & Inspiration to Live Your List (11/16)

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Annette and her husband Peter own a trattoria with lots of employees, which gives them plenty of time to fulfill their dream of traveling the world in search of new experiences. Bucket List Journey is a story told in her eyes about her adventures through the waters of Palau, the streets of Thailand, rain forests in Costa Rica, and her zany experience with swimming pigs in the sunny Bahamas.

More than anything, this blog is about getting over the travel jitters any first-time solo female traveler might have about chasing their dreams. True to form, Bucket List Journey is simply a long list of things Annette wishes to do in her lifetime, a fair amount of which have already been checked off. She constantly updates the list and carefully details each and every one of her experiences, such as Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Vineyards of Northern California, in a manner that makes all her readers develop itchy feet.

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Written by Richard Ascough

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