Carrot Quinn – Dispatches from the wild (14/16)

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Dispatches from the wild is a travel blog created by Carrot Quinn who is a 34 year old Alaskan that has fallen into long distance hiking. This awesome travel blog has a very detailed account of her various hikes including the Pacific Crest Trail (Twice) , The Continental Divide Trail and Wyoming’s spectacular Wind River High Route.

If you have a look at the about me page you will see the life lived by Carrot before discovering her love of hiking. You can read amazing stories of hitchhiking around North America and time spent riding freight trains and dumpster diving for food. The posts that she currently writes on the blog offer you a insight into this past life and how it has molded her into the person she is now. To get a taste of some of the best articles on the blog you can see Some of her best stuff which offers a collection of blog posts, podcasts and fiction.

As mentioned earlier Carrot Quinn has twice walked the Pacific Crest Trail which is a mammoth 2,660 mile trail stretching from Mexico to Canada. Even more amazingly was the fact that this was her first long distance trail, after completing it she decided to write a book Thru-Hiking Will Break Your Heart which is available on Amazon.

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Written by Richard Ascough

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