Jinri 1000 Watt Lightweight Ionic Ceramic Concentrator Nozzle (5/8)

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This model from manufacturer Jinri is one of the sleekest, most stylish options featured in this article, and can also fit easily in any suitcase or travel bag—and to make things even better, it fits easily in the hand as well.

Featuring a cool air button sets it slightly apart, but the real special feature here is its detachable concentrator nozzle, which allows the user to focus air on a particular area. This can speed up the drying process quite a bit (especially for those with shorter hair), and also makes it much easier to pull off more intricate styles.

It also features a removable lint cap for making cleaning easier—a must when traveling. As much as we don’t like to admit it, we all get a little messy when flying or taking a road trip. 

Buy the Jinri 1000 Watt Lightweight Ionic Ceramic Concentrator Nozzle Dryer online at Amazon.

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Written by Richard Ascough

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