Kemy’s Small Crossbody Shoulder Bag for Women and Girls (1/10)

Brand: Kemy’s
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This small, lightweight crossbody bag from Kemy’s is a delight in so many ways. From its fun and fashionable exterior to its easily adjustable shoulder strap with a 20 inch drop, it’s not just easy to carry, but fun to carry too.

The cool elephant design in grayscale is plenty attention grabbing, but doesn’t have so much going on that it’ll appear ostentatious or clash with the colors of your travel wardrobe. Additionally, it’ll look great in every single season. The bright blue of the other portions of the bag is eye catching and cheerful as well!

However, this bag doesn’t have the size necessary to carry most laptops, so it’s not ideal for business travelers or frequent travel writers like me. That being said, it’s the perfect size to include a tablet or notebook along with your other necessities, such as your phone and cosmetics.

Additionally, it’s very lightweight, which increases its appeal as a personal item for flights and long train rides. Between its easy to store size and its low weight, it’s easy to carry pretty much anywhere. It’s also great as an everyday bag in addition to being one of the best travel purses on the market.

On top of that, it also comes with an adorable coin purse, which can easily be removed from the bag or slipped inside it. Everyone knows how handy a small removable pouch is for travel!

While I wish it had a bit more storage space, I’m very impressed with the quality of this travel purse, as well as its low weight and fun design. It’s perfect for the youthful, adventurous traveler, as well as for those of you who are young at heart!

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Written by Richard Ascough

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