Love Home Swap: Vacation Rentals (9/18)

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Love Home Swap is a community dedicated to the exchange or swapping of homes. You can swap your home with someone else in a wide range of destinations around the world. The site was started in the UK by Debbie Wosskow after a crazy family vacation to the Caribbean and allows you to have all your home comforts while travelling the world. The site is easy to use and looks similar to airbnb with a nice clean home page.

Love Home Swap has 2 different swapping options including the traditional Direct Swap or a unique Points Swap system. Direct Swap would be most familiar, this involves you visiting their place and them visiting yours at the same time or on different agreed dates. Points Swap allows you have the flexibility of not requiring both houses to be vacant at the same time. Earn points when host people in your vacant house, and then use points to travel anywhere at any time.

Love Home Swap is a paid service with different tiers, Lite, Standard and Platinum. Each offering extra services including additional houses, verified statuses and other exclusive members benefits.

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Written by Richard Ascough

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