Mizu Life M8 Water Bottle (10/10)

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Brand: Mizu Life
Capacity: 27oz / 800ml
Material: Stainless Steel
Buy Now: Amazon

The M8 Water Bottle from Mizu Life offers a durable stainless steel construction which makes it toxin and BPA free.

The capacity of the Mizu Life M8 is 27oz (800ml) which is big enough to take on a day’s hike and also great for sightseeing while on family vacations, while remaining light enough to carry with ease.

The insulation allows you to keep drinks cold for the whole day and also can accept hot water for coffee, tea or soups while on the road. Add ice to the Mizu to keep the water colder for even longer.

The Mizu M8 also looks great with a wide range of colors and feels great too with its soft touch stainless steel. Different caps are also available including the standard loop cap and optional sports cap. Check the latest price on Amazon

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Written by Richard Ascough

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