Pijushi Floral Designer Handbag (2/10)

Brand: Pijushi
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This high end designer travel purse from top manufacturer Pijushi, with a beautiful but subtle floral pattern rendered in an almost metallic shade of purple, is one of the most fashionable travel purses on the market.

Don’t worry, though–there’s some practicality here in addition to beauty. Its fairly large and easy to organize interior, with both a sizeable central pocket and several smaller pockets for anything from your phone to small change to tablets and notebooks, make it easy to use even for long trips.

Its removable shoulder strap with a 22 inch drop means it can easily be used as a crossbody purse or shoulder bag in addition to carried by its handles. Best of all, all of these materials are solidly constructed with 100% leather.

In addition, the bag is designed in such a way that all of its lines and edges stay solid, which increases the durability of the bag as well as its fashionable nature. As soon as you see this bag, it’s easy to see why the designer behind it refers to it not only as a travel purse, but as a work of art.

That being said, this designer bag is only available at designer prices, which may put off some travelers. However, it boasts plenty of durability and capacity as well as its aesthetic appeal, so it does incorporate a lot of value even if the price is fairly high compared to some of the other travel purses I’ve reviewed.

Its storage capacity especially is highly impressive. It can easily hold a 15 inch laptop, but it also boasts enough storage space and organizational pockets to carry the rest of your travel and everyday necessities as well.

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Written by Richard Ascough

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