The Boutique Adventurer (6/16)

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The Boutique Adventurer is the the brainchild of Amanda O’Brien, an Aussie currently living in London who is a frequent traveler while also enjoying a little luxury in her life. This fantastic travel blog includes great articles on destinations from Australia to Tunisia and everywhere in between.

Amanda has visited over 70 countries and she likes to travel with friends, families as well as solo which is unusual for travel blogs who normally only cover 1 niche area.  Some The articles covered on this blog include Iceland Travel Tips: Top 10 Things You Need to Know which makes me want to visit Iceland even more. We also loved the Namibia Self Drive: 10 night itinerary that will give you wanderlust for your next African adventure

The Boutique Adventurer also includes some great travel tips, and reviews of some business class airlines and luxury hotels. There are also some good tips for solo travelers including Holidays for One: Best Organised Tours for Single Travel.

The website design looks good without getting to cluttered which is an issue with some other blog design. Amanda has a great following on most of the social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. If you love to trek during the day while also enjoying the night time creature comforts then this is a great blog to follow.

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Written by Richard Ascough

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