Venture out to Singapore’s stunning Islands (7/10)

Singapore is an island state country; this fact is known to many. But quite a few wanderlusts know that Singapore also has a stellar collection of islands around it to its name. There is a world beyond Singapore and Sentosa Island that is naive and void of avant-gardism and bustles of hectic life. 

Take the off beaten path and venture out to Sister Islands, Kusu Islands, Lazarus Islands, Pulau Ubin, St. John’s Island to name a few and experience the nature’s freshness, laid-back vibe and untouched scenic views far away from the buzzing modern Singapore city. The tranquil white sandy beaches, tropical azure waters and refreshing gentle wind perfectly combine for a relaxed romantic interlude. These islands can offer you seclusion to get off the grid and be in your own paradise for a few moments. 

While you would not find any high-end restaurants or spas for leisure, a stroll around the calm beach and a snorkeling trip to view the underwater marvels are some experiences you would cherish for a long time.

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