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Experience the Northern Lights with these 7 Iceland Bus Tours

The following are the best Bus Tours around Iceland.

Iceland is the perfect place to explore the Northern Lights, the country is small making it relatively easy to circumnavigate. Cheap flights are available from continental Europe making the country an increasingly popular destination. Bus Tours are a fantastic way to experience the magic that Iceland offers while trying to spot the Aurora Borealis along the way. The Golden Circle is a very popular short tour for people without much time to venture further afield. If you are lucky enough to have more time then the ring road tours are very popular. The ring road circles the entire country and offers amazing scenery from Volcanoes, Black sand beaches to mighty glaciers. If you are looking to see the northern lights then you need to book a tour in the colder winter months when more darkness is available. There are some amazing tours that drive the countryside just trying to find the lights, or if you prefer you can book a long tour to see the rest of this beautiful country.

The following are the best Bus Tours around Iceland.

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