16 Best Travel Photography Blogs (Updated 2023)

The Tripcurated team have searched online and found what we believe to be the best travel photography blogs for you to follow in 2021.

Travel Photography Blogs are a great way to provide inspiration for your next vacation. The blogs highlight some of the best destinations on the planet with some incredible photos and videos. The Tripcurated team have searched online and found what we believe to be the best travel photography blogs for you to follow in 2023

#1 Susan Tregoning Photography: Landscapes and Nature

Susan Tregoning is a travel photographer who specializes in landscape, nature, transportation and architectural photography. Her gallery includes some amazing shots from around the United States including sunrises and sunsets, lighthouses, bridges and some amazing photos of wildlife, cityscapes and landscapes. You can purchase her photography online and also add it to a wide range of wall art and decor.

Unlike a lot of travel photography bloggers, Susan Tregoning likes to relocate to the area for a longer period of time which allows her to capture the true essence of each location.

#4 Finding the Universe: Travel photography and humor

Finding the Universe is a travel and photography focused website which aims to help people plan their trips around the world, and take better photos on their travels. It's run by husband and wife team Laurence & Jessica Norah, who have been running their sites full time since 2010. They love to help people take awesome adventures, and as a professional photographer, Laurence enjoys helping people improve their photography skills. Laurence & Jessica also run the travel blog Independent Travel Cats, as well as an online travel photography course.

#5 Travel With Kat: Discover Cultures, Countries and Cuisines

Travel With Kat is the personal blog of travel writer, photographer and artist, Kathryn Burrington. She's been passionate about photography since childhood and craves the exciting photographic opportunities travelling to different cultures offers. Her blog is overflowing with stunning images of local people, food, landscapes, buildings and wildlife.

#6 Getting Stamped: Couple & Travel Photography

Anna and Adam a couple from Wisconsin left their settled lives to travel 6 years ago. They’ve been visiting all across the globe and putting it in their blogs along with beautiful and fun pictures from all the places they have visited. Getting Stamped gives you a glimpse of all the fun places you need to visit.

Popular couple travel & travel photography blog featuring travel tips, photography, and travel stories from around the world. Getting Stamped one country

#8 Along Dusty Roads: Travel Guides and Photography

Along Dusty Roads is a unique travel blog by British couple Andrew & Emily that provides inspiration, crafted travel guides and stunning photography for travel all over the world. The site promotes sustainable and responsible travel for the curious modern day explorer.

Along Dusty Roads offers amazing travel resources and everything you need to plan the perfect trip across Europe, Asia and Africa. The blog also offers an in-depth coverage of Latin America where Andrew and Emily spent 2 years travelling.

#9 Chasing Lenscapes: Travel, Photography, Inspiration

Sari and Maya are two sisters who have always had a passion for travel, photography, culture and food (not necessarily in that order). They run together their online travel magazine, Chasing Lenscapes, and their boutique production company, Chasing Lenscapes Studio, which specializes in content creation with emphasis on promotional videos and photography services for business in the field of tourism, gastronomy and lifestyle.

Chasing Lenscapes provides helpful travel and photography guides with lots of useful tips that will help you plan your perfect vacation around the world. All of the travel guides are accompanied by stunning visuals and travel films for some additional inspiration. Sari and Maya love to focus on trendy neighborhood, explore the food and art scene, visit exotic locations and find hidden gems and plan and help their audience have the best experience on their travels

#10 Delve Into Europe: Travel Photography and Guide

David Angel has been a professional photographer, writer and art director for over 20 years. He's a veteran of medium format film, and had his work used to promote many European destinations worldwide, and had countless images published in all media around the globe.

He created Delve Into Europe along with his wife Faye to promote European destinations, and are passionate about encouraging people to venture off the beaten track. They enjoy travelling slowly with their young son, and are currently based in Prague. 

#12 NOMADasaurus: Adventure Travel Photography

Run by highly acclaimed photographers and writers Jarryd Salem and Alesha Bradford, NOMADasaurus is the largest adventure travel blog in Australia.

They started the blog in 2013 to document their journey from Asia to Africa through land. Five years later, they have more than 200,000 followers on social media and a team of active writers which continue delivering impressive travelling guides, reviews, offers etc.

#13 Photo Journeys: Photos by Robin & Arlene Karpan

Robin and Arlene Karpan are travel writers, bloggers, photographers, book authors and publishers behind the Photo Journeys blog. Follow them as they explore many of the worlds most awe-inspiring and photogenic places, on every continent around the globe.

We love how they visit little-known treasures as well as famous iconic landscapes. Robin and Arlene specialise in outdoor photography including nature, wildlife, outdoor adventure, breathtaking landscapes.

Photo Journeys is a great place to provide inspiration to get out and explore the world around you. We love some of the amazing shots at Iguaza falls.

#14 It’s All Trip To Me: Photography & Responsible Travel

Katerina and Maria are content creators and avid travellers currently based in Athens, Greece. Katerina is a passionate photographer and videographer specialising in travel content creation while Maria is a travel writer, copywriter and editor with strong grammar, vocabulary and SEO skills.

Together they created It’s All Trip To Me, a website that focuses on Travel Photography but also on the ways people can travel more responsibly.

Katerina and Maria publish highly informative travel guides, carefully planned-out itineraries and the best travel planning tips on their website, alongside inspiring videos on their recently launched YouTube channel.  

#15 California Through My Lens: Travel and Hiking

Aiming to fuse his passion of travelling and photography, Josh started California Through My Lens about 5 years ago. He travels across California photographing and reviewing beautiful places which people can easily visit.

With over 10 million views from over the world, this website continues to provide amazing locations hidden around California.


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