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Best Hiking and Outdoor Adventure Blogs (Updated 2022)

The Tripcurated team have searched online and found what we believe to be the best hiking and outdoor adventure blogs for you to follow in 2021.

The Tripcurated team have searched online and found what we believe to be the best hiking and outdoor adventure blogs for you to follow in 2022.

#1 Lotsafreshair: Bushwalking and Hiking Tips

Lots a Fresh Air is a fantastic bushwalking and hiking blog by Australian Carolyn Ryan. Caro refers to herself as the unexpected outdoors chick and her blog offers heaps of tips on hiking food, hiking fitness and bushcraft. 

A lot of the articles are about Australian and New Zealand bushwalks (That’s what we call them in Australia) and she offers some excellent local knowledge.

#3 The Bushwalking Blog: Hiking & Outdoor Adventure Travel

The Bushwalking Blog is another blog focused on Australian hiking, news and gear reviews. This fantastic Aussie blog is written by Neil Fahey and features articles about all the bush walks around Australia. 

Neil is based in Melbourne so a lot of the walks are around Victoria. They are sorted by distance, difficulty, region and features family friendly bush walks. The website also has news on Food, Gear and Tech as well as some great photos.

#4 Hiking For Her: Hiking Tips for Women Hikers

Hiking For Her is an awesome hiking and outdoor adventure blogs written by Diane Spicer that offers tips on hiking, backpacking, solo hiking and obviously hiking for women. 

Diane, originally from rural Michigan has been on hiking the worlds trails for over 50 years. She has hiked extensively in the Unite States, Canada and even Greenland and has gathered so many tips she has written a book for women day hikers (Buy on Amazon).

Hiking For Her offers an amazing amount of hiking tips and resources including an over 40's hiking community and monthly newsletter.

#5 Caucasus Trekking: Trekking in Georgia

Caucasus Trekking is a fantastic blog that offers all you need to know about trekking in Georgia. The site offers an overview of hiking trails in the Caucasus mountains and includes photos and maps.

Caucasus Trekking also allows you to book custom hiking tours and provides you with a wealth of knowledge for planning your next hiking trip in Georgia.

#7 I Heart Pacific Northwest: Hiking in Oregon and Washington

The I Heart Pacific Northwest website is a hiking and backpacking blog by Lisa “Deepdive” Holmes, a graphic designer and guide book author located in Portland, Oregon. The site features info on backpacking gear, skills, and recipes for backpacking food, as well as trip reports and landscape photography from all of her adventures.

#8 BikeHikeSafari: Hiking and Bicycle Touring blog

Bike Hike Safari is an hiking and outdoor travel blog created by Aussie Brad McCartney to document his life as an Adventure Cyclist, Hiker, Photographer and Nature Lover. Brad has hiked and cycled some amazing destinations including New Zealand's Te Araroa trail and the Appalachian Trail.

The Blog also features some great reviews on travel and hiking gear, packing lists and information on tacking some of the world's best hikes.

#9 Hiking Lady: Hiking, Backpacking Exploring nature

The Hiking Lady blog provides articles, hiking gear reviews and other information to make it easier for women to embrace the outdoors. The Hiking Lady is better know as Carol Roberts who grew up in California and loves to backpacking and the great outdoors. Carol also runs Hiking Baby to help parents and families enjoy the great outdoors.

#10 The Hiking Life: Tips, Tales & Trip Reports

Cam Honan is an Australian who has traveled over 57000 miles (92,000 km) in approx 56 countries. The Hiking Life is his blog showcasing all the amazing hikes he has completed such as The Inca Trail in Peru, Annapurna Circuit in Nepal and The Appalachian Trail in the USA. The blog features in depth list and reviews of the travel gear he has used on each hike as well as fantastic how to guides and other hiking resources.

#11 Carrot Quinn: Dispatches from the wild

Dispatches from the wild is a travel blog created by Carrot Quinn who is a 34 year old Alaskan that has fallen into long distance hiking. This awesome travel blog has a very detailed account of her various hikes including the Pacific Crest Trail (Twice) , The Continental Divide Trail and Wyoming’s spectacular Wind River High Route. If you have a look at the about me page you will see the life lived by Carrot before discovering her love of hiking. 

You can read amazing stories of hitchhiking around North America and time spent riding freight trains and dumpster diving for food. The posts that she currently writes on the blog offer you a insight into this past life and how it has molded her into the person she is now. To get a taste of some of the best articles on the blog you can see Some of her best stuff which offers a collection of blog posts, podcasts and fiction.

#14 Hiker to Hiker: Hiking in the Southern Appalachians

Hiker to Hiker is fantastic hiking blog by Danny Bernstein who has been hiking for over 40 years and blogging for almost 10. Danny has extensive experience hiking some of the worlds best trails including the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Tongariro Northern Circuit, Overland Track, Camino del Norte and the Cotswold Way.

Hike to Hiker has some amazing information on a wide range of hikes and you can also read some of Danny's hiking books.


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