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Best Campgrounds in the USA (Updated 2023)

The United States of America is home to some of the best campgrounds in the world.

The United States of America is home to some of the best campgrounds in the world. The entire region contains a collection of huge mountains, majestic lakes, and crystal clear beaches. Of course, some of these wonders are still untouched and unadulterated. They still have their original beauty and maintained to become a real paradise on earth.

If you are a camping junkie, it is certain that the land of Uncle Sam will certainly satisfy you. I am pretty sure that along the 3.8M square miles of pure natural landscape and scenery, there is a place that would give your comfort and home. If you still don’t have an idea where to go, this article will become your guide.

The following are some of the best campgrounds that you can visit in the United States. You can always expect that these sites will provide satisfaction and convenience regardless of your application. But before you decide where to go, make sure that you have completed all the necessary items in your camping checklist. In this way, you can come ready.

#1 Bartlett Cove Campground, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

For many, Alaska might not be the best option for camping. After all, there is a conception that the Last Frontier has a harsh and rigid environment. But I have to break that assumption now. You have to realize that Alaska remains one of the best tourist destinations in the United States. For campers, the Bartlett Cove of the Glacier Bay National Park serves as an excellent campground.

This particular campsite is situated on a former glacier. That’s why everything there is seemingly harsh and unpaved. But don’t worry a thing. Everything that you endure here will certainly pay off. The place can offer a plethora of natural formations. Wildlife watching is also plausible here. You can spot whales, elks, wolves, and grizzly bears while standing in a safe area. Book a RV at

#2 Jumbo Rocks Campground, Joshua Tree National Park, California

The Joshua Tree National Park is the home of the Jumbo Rocks Campground. The latter is one of the most sought campgrounds in the Golden State. Fortunately, the Jumbo Rocks are not as secluded and distant as what other people think.

You can reach there by hiking or trailing along the fascinating rock formations in the area. However, let me remind you that this campground has limited seats. The park only allows 124 camping tents due to preservation purposes. Therefore, it is always a good idea to come here early if you are planning to stay in the campground for a while. Book a RV at

#3 Adirondack Lakes Region Island, New York

The Adirondack Lakes Region Island should become one of your options for an excellent campground in the United States. It has an exquisite repository of freshwater lakes and private islands that you can explore (for a fee, of course). The campground is family-friendly and can become a host of various fun-filled activities.

Specifically, there are around eighty-seven campgrounds situated in this place. Some of them can be only reached by riding a canoe or kayak. They are an excellent choice for adventure-seekers like you and me! Book a RV at

#4 Chisos Campground, Big Bend National Park, Texas

Texas is one of the not-so-likely places that a camper would go in the United States. It is the wild side of the Western giant, which makes it an exquisite choice for camping. However, I remembered that the Chisos Campground is situated on this place. Therefore, it is still a place worth visiting.

The Chisos Campground is located along the elevation of the Chisos Mountain. Specifically, it has a height of 5,000 feet from the ground. You can set your campsite there if you want to view the marvelous expanse of Texas. The entire campground itself has a good source of running world and is available with multiple amenities such as toilets and grills. You can certainly feel the Texas spirit here. Book a RV at

#5 Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

This awesome landmark is actually a byproduct of the massive volcanic eruption in the past. The result of the chaos is a mesmerizing 1,900-foot lake, which is surrounded by towering cliffs and plethora of ponderosa pines. Once you are here, your eyes will certainly take the scenery as desserts. You can also enjoy various outdoor activities here, such as swimming in the lake and hiking in the trails of Pacific Crest. The ever-famous Wizard Island is actually situated within the park. Book a RV at

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#6 Death Valley National Park, California

Death Valley should not scare you at all. Instead, you should be inspired by the unique attractions that it offers. Throughout the entire expanse of the United States, the Death Valley provides a different perspective to the typical green American geography.

The place contains massive dunes and a wide array of sands, which make you feel that you are visiting another planet. It can become an excellent venue for campers who are eager for exploration and adventure. You can take your RV here to venture some of the best experiences that you can get in your lifetime. Book a RV at

#7 North Rim Campground, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is certainly included of many bucket lists. Majestic is a complete understatement when it comes to describing this unreal land formation. Many campers are looking for ways in how they can set their feet to this place.

For those who are capable of going to this natural wonder, I recommend that you should visit the North Rim Campground. It offers a conducive site for camping and sightseeing. Of course, North Rim offers friendly spots for RV camping and tent camping. Book a RV at

#8 Kalalau Beach, Napali Coast State Park, Hawaii

Hawaii might be a separate state from the mainland, but it is definitely one of the finest destinations in the United States. The American land will never be complete without this isolated island.

Aside from surfing and wildlife watching, Hawaii is also an excellent place for camping. You can always visit the Kalalau Campground, which is situated above a cliff. To reach this place, it is necessary for you to traverse a lengthy path. It is tiring, but once you are there, you will forget all your weariness. The natural vantage point allows you to witness the expanse of the white sand beaches of Hawaii. Book a RV at

#9 White River Campground, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

The state of Washington is one of the pride of the United States. It is not only about the rich history and the impressive architectures that defined the beauty of the Evergreen State. For instance, the world-famous Mount Rainier is currently standing tall here. The volcano is surrounded by large glaciers, which are greater than the entire glacial space of all the Cascade Mountain Range.

In Mount Rainier National Park, you can always visit the White River Campground. The latter is a composition of campsites that are branched with numerous streams that eventually connect to the picturesque White River. The said glacial water body is rich with trout and salmon. Therefore, campers who are into fishing will definitely like latching here. Book a RV at

#10 Oz Farm, North Coast, California

The Oz Farm is an idyllic campground. It is located in the heart of the North Coast and features a classic and rural ambiance. There are a variety of amenities that you can choose while you are here. A plethora of geodesic domes, cabins, and campsites are all available for rental here.

While you are out, the Oz Farm offers unlimited natural pleasures such as rivers, meadows, and redwood groves. I can recommend this campground if you are doing retreats with your family and friends. It is also a good place to go if you don’t want to dwell in your tents momentarily. Book a RV at


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Written by Richard Ascough

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