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The 9 Best Men’s Hiking Boots Reviewed

We review the Best Men’s Hiking Boots to buy

From boots that are lightweight and perfect for day trips to rugged boots for more advanced backpacking, below are this years best Men’s Hiking Boots.

Are you about to set off on your ultimate Trek? Or do you prefer shorter day hikes? Either way you need to ensure you have the correct footwear available, nothing beats a good pair of Men’s Hiking Boots.

When setting out walking, hiking or trekking it is extremely important to have a good pair of lightweight and waterproof Men’s Hiking Boots. Depending on which trail or destination you visit you could encounter anything from dusty tracks to snowy mountain peaks and ensuring your hiking boots are up to the tasks reduces the risk of any injuries.

Injuries can occur from boots that do not fit correctly causing blisters or ankle injuries, while boots that don’t have enough grip can cause slips and trips. Nothing ruins a day’s hiking like blisters caused by incorrectly sized boots.

When purchasing a new pair of men’s hiking boots you need to answer a few questions about the location of your hike to ensure you can buy the best pair.

What type of terrain will you be Hiking?

The Hiking Terrain can vary from rugged mountain passes, deep canyons, rainforests or arid dry deserts. Some trails have lots of larger rocks, streams and rivers while some can be completely flat and dry.  You need to ensure the boot you select can handle the terrain you intend to hike. Some of the better boots will adaptable however some people do prefer to have multiple pairs of boots depending on where they are hiking.

What is the length of your hike?

You also need to consider what type of hiker you are and how far you intend to go. Do you hike socially as a nice afternoon stroll or do you head out for weeks camping and tackling some of the bigger trails. Some people prefer good solid boots while some people like hiking sandals or even trail running shoes.

What is the climate of the area you will be hiking?

Are you planning on hiking in outback Australia on dusty tracks with little rainfall, or are you looking to head into the rainforests of Peru. The climate you face is an important factor in choosing the best men’s hiking boots. For colder and potentially snowy conditions you need to make sure your boots are waterproof while hotter conditions may require open shoes or lighter material.

All of the Men’s hiking boots that we have included in this 2017 review have been tested in a range of different terrain and weather conditions. Once you have determined your terrain, length and climate conditions of your hike you need to determine what type of boot you are looking for. Comfort of the boot is one of the most important factors to consider, as mentioned earlier you do not want to get caught with blisters while on day 1 of the hike or backpacking far from home.

How comfortable are the boots?

Comfort is obviously very important when choosing you new hiking boots. You will be wearing them constantly particularly on a longer hike and you need to ensure they suite your foot shape and feel right. Only you can make that decision as different shoes can fit differently

What material are the boots made from?

The material of the hiking boot is important to consider as different materials perform differently. Some cheaper materials will sweat or can be a lot heavier. You should look for materials that allow for lightweight and breathable pair of boots.

What is the weight of the hiking boots?

The weight of the boots is also very important as you will be wearing them for long periods of times, wearing heavy boots your feet will feel tired a lot quicker which makes the rest of your body tired. You also want to ensure than the boots are solid and offering the right level of support.

What is the grip and traction like?

A good pair of hiking boots should have good traction, like a good set of tires for your car the traction or grip ensures you can venture into more difficult terrain without any risks of slipping. The traction also allows for water to escape the bottom of the boot.

How much foot and ankle support is provided?

Hiking Boots need to offer good support to avoid injuries to your ankles or feet. Support can be a personal preference as some people like low cut like trail runners or sandals while others like mid or high supports.

How water resistant are the boots?

Water resistance can be achieved depending on the type of materials used, some materials offer natural protection by creating a membrane to prevent the water from penetration the boot. This can cause the shoes to sweat more as natural body heat also cannot escape. There are also after market water proofers available than can offer more resistance to water.

How good are the insoles provided with the boots?

Insoles help provide cushioning that is required to soften the impact of each step while walking, some are also available to reduce micro bacterial growth that causes smelly feet and sweating. Again there are some good after market inner soles available, you need to be considered when selecting your hiking boots as some cheaper boots can be greatly improved by adding a good pair of inner soles.

What are the different types of hiking boots?

Hiking shoes: Hiking shoes are usually boots with a low cut and the mid-soles are usually more flexible allowing for more comfort. These low cut shoes fit more like a running shoe and are excellent for day hiking. If you are looking for the ultimate lightweight shoe then these are probably your best option. View the Range of Hiking Shoes

Day hiking boots: Hiking Boots designed for day hikes are usually mid cut or high cut and are still light weight but offer more support than Hiking Shoes. They are a bit more rigid and usually made of a higher quality leather. These are quite popular because they can also be used for shorter and longer hikes if required. View more Hiking Boots

Backpacking boots: Backpacking boots are designed for longer hikes and multi-day trips which require heavier load/. Most of these boots have a higher boot cut and provide excellent support for ankles. Usually heavier than day hiking boots they offer a lot more stability. View more Backpacking Boots

With all these factors in mind we have compared almost 50 different hiking boots from some of the best hiking brands available to find what we believe are the Best Men’s Hiking Boots you can buy online.

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