10 Best Travel Photos from World In my Lens

Having spent 10 years on traveling, I visited almost 100 countries so far. I was in the major places of Europe and Asia. I was amazed by Sri Lanka, Armenia, Santorini, and New York. Now, on my bucket list I have South America and Africa (if my wife finally agrees). I also figured out a way to run my digital agency and a startup at the same time. But traveling and photography has always been my biggest passions.

So here comes my 10 favorite Travel Photos I took on my way to conquer the world.

Myanmar – Local Monks

I met this group coming back from Bagan, a place usually associated with balloons flying over the ruins. And even though the monuments there are incredibly amazing, and photos are wonderful, I brought back another favorite Travel Photo of mine from Myanmar. Young Buddhist monks. They train from as young as seven years old. They grow up, eat, prey, become educated, play and live together – just like a family.  View more great photos from Bagan.

Hong Kong – City Views

I loved that place mostly because of the fact, that it looks just like a Western city, but being there you can feel a totally different atmosphere of the city. I must admit that’s the reason I love Asia and come back there. It was also the photo with which I started to cooperate with a big hotel chain – and it opened a way for my very first photography assignment. 

Taking this photo, I really enjoyed the colors there. Hong Kong takes a great care of that, calling it Symphony of Lights in Harbour – a daily show performed by the towers of Central district.

It’s actually an interesting story. In Dubai I met with a client, after I didn’t manage to get to Saudi Arabia. I was really amazed by this place, just as everyone who has been there – the fact that just a couple of decades ago there was a desert, not skyscrapers, is simply astonishing. This travel photo is a tribute to human labor, creativity and artistic sense. All build in 40 degrees heat. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest structure in the world, standing at 829.8 m, which I think explains the need to use a fish eye lens to have it all in one shot. Photographing this type of architecture is a real challenge, which I hope, I managed to do. 

This Travel Photo was part of the Dubai 2014 Collection


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Written by Richard Ascough

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