Buying Guide: Best TSA Approved Luggage Locks

Best TSA Approved Luggage Locks – Buyers Guide and Reviews

What are the Best TSA Locks? – TSA Approved locked are perfect When traveling to ensure your bags are securely locked to prevent the theft of your valuables. Most travelers use suitcases to protect a mixture of critical travel documents, tablets, as well as money. It is very important that these items are protected with a quality luggage lock. One issue with luggage locks is that when traveling through a USA airport the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will cut existing locks to access any luggage they feel may be contains something illegal or threatening.

TSA Locks can be opened using a master key which may prevent them from requiring to cut open your luggage. Look for the TSA approved logo from Travel Sentry on the lock before buying it. The locks should also feature the ability to reset the combinations while you are traveling.

We have found and reviewed what we believe are the best TSA Locks that you can buy.  To look at the full range check out the TSA Approved Locks on Amazon

#2 Tumi TSA Approved Luggage Locks with Combination

These TSA Approved combination locks are from Tumi and feature a 3 digit combination. They also feature strong metallic lock with reset-able combinations that makes them ideal for large bags. The shackle wasn’t as convenient as some of the other models we tested however this is a sturdy lock. This is a 3 Pack in Silver, Red and Black.

#4 Travelocity Luggage with TSA Locks – Travel

This pack of 4 combination locks is from Travelocity and features 3 dial locking mechanism offering hundreds of different combinations and a solid steel shackle. Featuring the TSA Approved ID mark allows for this lock to only be opened by TSA if required. It has red alert that popups whenever it is opened by the TSA so you are aware. Available in Pink or Blue

#7 Tarriss TSA Approved Luggage Locks with Search Alert

This TSA Approved Lock from Tarriss features a flexible steel cable which allows for easier threading into zippers on various types of luggage.This lock comes with an indicator that turns from green to red and shows if the lock was tampered with. Featuring a 3 lock combination this lock will ensure your belongings are secure on your next vacation. 

#8 Forge Luggage with TSA Locks

These TSA Approved locks from Forge come in a handy 2 pack and are available in multiple colors.  These locks feature a red indicator to alert you to whether the TSA has opened your bags. Another great feature is that the TSA must also re-lock your bags before he can remove his key. These locks also feature a steel shackle and 3 digit combination which can be easily reset. 

#9 Lewis N Clark TSA Locks – Approved Combination

This amazing TSA approved security cable is from Lewis N Clark who are well known makers of quality travel accessories. This is a triple security lock that allows the traveler to lock zippers on more than one bag to avoid separation of luggage. You can also lock bags against other items like poles for extra security. Featuring an easy reset 3 digit combination lock these are fantastic for different types of luggage including backpacks and suitcases .


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