A Dangerous Business: Female Travel Blog (9/16)

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Amanda’s memoirs of the magical time she’s spent on the road belie her small town origins. An avid J.R.R. Tolkien fan (which is where she got the inspiration for her blog’s title), she is a passionate but very unique traveler who has managed to strike a balance between her love for the open road, a full-time job, and her beloved cat.

A Dangerous Experiences is a solo female travel blog centered on her slightly offbeat experiences as she travels to epic destinations. Her homey descriptions of the places she’s been to outline a major (possibly life-changing) experience she’s had at every destination, such as her nail-biting experience on a mountainside in Iceland.

Besides these lucidly written posts, she has also made several posts specifically for the solo female traveler, such as Top 9 Questions about Solo Travel Answered  which debunks several myths surrounding solo female travel in addition to providing a few nuggets of wisdom.

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Written by Richard Ascough

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