Betsey Johnson Quilted Heart Weekender Bag (5/8)

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This weekender bag from Betsey Johnson looks to find a middle ground between being beautiful and being strong, and also offers itself up at a solidly mid-range price point. While it’s not exactly a budget option, it’s also far cheaper than a lot of bags out there.

Its array of beautiful color options and elegant design are sure to make it a favorite for travelers everywhere, but on top of this it offers a very sturdy construction and a nice interior pocket for storing valuables, phones, and wallets. It does lack a wide selection of side pockets, though.

My favorite quality of this bag is its attention to detail. While many bags with a sturdy and pretty exterior skimp on the interior, this bag has a beautifully designed, plush, and protective interior as well! Check out the latest price of the Betsey Johnson Quilted Heart Weekender Bag on Amazon

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