The Time of National Socialism Berlin Walking Tour (10/11)

Follow a native Berliner on an interesting and enlightening tour through the time of the Third Reich in Berlin. See hidden remnants of World War II in the city.

  • Take a Berlin city walking tour with a certified, multilingual guide
  • Learn informative facts about Germany’s capital during the time of National Socialism in Berlin
  • Recognize still-visible traces of World War II
  • See important buildings and locations of interest during the time of World War II
  • Discover Berlin’s history with a native Berliner

The Berlin Third Reich Walking Tour with a Real Berliner is a guided excursion that explores the significant sites and history related to the Third Reich era in Berlin. Led by a knowledgeable local guide, the tour offers participants a deeper understanding of this crucial period in Germany’s history.

The tour begins at a designated meeting point and covers various locations associated with the Third Reich. Participants will visit significant sites such as the former site of Hitler’s bunker, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, and the Topography of Terror exhibition. The guide provides informative commentary, sharing historical insights, facts, and stories related to each location.

Throughout the tour, visitors will learn about the rise of the Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler’s regime, and the impact of the Third Reich on Berlin and Germany as a whole. The guide offers detailed explanations about key events, such as the Reichstag fire, the propaganda machine, and the persecution of minorities during this dark chapter of history.

The tour aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the historical context and the consequences of the Third Reich era. Participants will gain insights into the city’s struggle to come to terms with its past and the efforts made to preserve and remember this significant period.

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Written by Richard Ascough

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