Komal’s Passion Leather PL 16 Inch Leather Messenger Bag (7/10)

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This bag is great for those who have a bit of trouble traveling light. In addition to its laptop pocket offering enough storage space for a full size device, it features two large front pockets that can easily be used for books, documents, or tablets.

However, it’s not just the storage capacity that helps this bag stand out from the pack. The quality of the leather is exceptional, as well as the understated but very attractive green canvas lining, which gives this travel bag a great mid-century appeal.

In addition to the leather, the straps and other hardware are also exceptionally well made, which means that this bag will hold up to the roughest travel experiences–great for long train journeys or road trips as well as first-class air travel.

The only real downside to this bag is its large dimensions. While it obviously offers a lot more storage space than most travel purses, it can also be a bit more awkward to carry and maneuver–and if you’re not careful, you might load it up with too much weight to comfortably carry.

All in all, I definitely recommend this to the business or family traveler who really needs the extra storage space, but wants to stay fashionable as well as functional. It’s also a great travel purse for longer trips where you’ll need to bring more along!

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Written by Richard Ascough

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